ATD World-Class Sales Competency Model

Create a Roadmap That Will Impact Your Sales Organization
Trish Layton
"Our Sales Talent Development team was able to use ATD’s World Class Sales Competency Model as a framework to clearly define the performance expectations of our Team Leader role at Marriott Vacations Worldwide. This helped us to create a scale-able competency model tailored to their unique role. We were able to use the data from the assessment to provide them with a baseline of performance in their roles, allowing them with the help of their leadership team, to create actionable performance development plans."

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Through a research-backed approach, ATD explored major trends that are shaping the sales profession and influencing the competencies needed by all roles within the sales ecosystem.

As a result, ATD's World Class Sales Competency Model was created with these goals in mind:

  • comprehensive, scalable, and customizable framework for organizations, regardless of industry, geography, or size.
  • quality and abundance in the content and its adaptability to help meet your organization’s needs
  • ability to get a holistic view of your organization and identify the core issues and gaps.

Learn more about how you can license the Model to start on the path of unifying your sales and learning functions under a common language and standard.

Why Use a Sales Competency Model?

It provides sales organizations with a state-of-the-art competency framework that can be a critical tool to achieving success with your sales strategies and programs. Assess the current state of your salesforce and where it needs to go. Use the model to aid in:

  • creating sales job descriptions and career lattices to move careers forward
  • defining coaching and development plans for sales reps to enhance their performance
  • conducting sales talent assessments to determine areas for improvement
  • creating sales learning solutions and learning road maps to achieve business objectives
  • identifying and implementing enablement strategies that support the organization's strategic direction.
Publications about the Model
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ATD provides you with a wealth of info in this model. No need to reinvent the wheel or start the process from scratch. Use our predefined knowledge, skills, and areas of focus as a template to help streamline the process of identifying gaps and assessing your salesforce.


  • Success in Selling: Developing a World-Class Sales Ecosystem e-book (PDF format) and two (2) print copies
  • editable copies of Success in Selling’s “Appendix A: Areas of Expertise Dictionary” and “Appendix B: Foundational Competencies Dictionary” (Word format)
  • electronic copies of competency-based implementation tools and templates, including competency gap assessments (Excel format)
  • visual graphics of the model (PNG/JPEG format).

Pricing Options:

  • $5,000 for two (2) years
  • $10,000 for five (5) years

Adaptation Rights: As a licensee, you are allowed to customize the model by up to 25 percent to better meet your organization’s terminology and taxonomy, for example. Any adaptations of the WCSCM beyond nomenclature changes require prior review by and approval from ATD.

Restrictions: The license is for the use of the model within your individual organization regardless of size, and limited to direct employees. All materials may only be displayed, posted, or stored behind your organization’s firewall or secured access site. Contact us to learn more about how to license the model for your internal organization, or if you are a sales consultant or training provider, how you can license the model to help your clients.

Your organization may license the WCSCM directly for internal use to:

  • structure roles in sales and supporting functions
  • set standards for attracting, assessing, selecting, engaging, developing, retaining, and credentialing sales, sales management, and sales enablement professionals
  • create implementation materials such as hiring guides, career maps, assessment tools, and training curricula to promote the practice of the competency framework provided.
What is Sales Enablement
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