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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

ATD23 News has conducted impromptu interviews with ATD23 attendees in San Diego. In this installment, hear from Bentley Williams, founder and chief of Wow! Academy.

On the consulting his company performs: Organizational culture, team culture, customer experience.

On coming to the conference from Singapore: I do [live in Singapore]. So it’s a short journey [laughs]. A stone’s throw away.

On coming to ATD’s International Conference & EXPO: I’ve been coming since New Orleans in 2001. […] Every three years.

On the conference’s growth since 2001: I think it’s very current. That’s the thing I noticed. That whatever is not only interesting but relevant globally, it’s covered.


You know, you’re taking into account things like quiet quitting and everything that’s happening now, post-pandemic. There are certain topics that are really relevant, so that’s what I like about it.

And it’s a gathering of like-minded individuals, so that’s always helpful.


On the first day of ATD23: It’s been good. It’s been good. I think I got over the jetlag-ish. I was awake at 3 a.m. on Sunday [laughs]. I have a 15-hour difference [laughs]. But, all good. I think it’s always nice to be on the other side because I’m usually the one speaking and conducting. But to be on the other side, I think that’s a really lovely thing.

On what he’s looking forward to during the conference: I think every session. It’s not about good or bad in terms of delivery. I think [there are] always one or two things you can pick up. So, I love learning. I’m always reading and meeting people.

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