A woman cuddles a puppy in her arms. Behind her, on green turf, four other people and a puppy can be seen.
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Clear Out the Stress With Puppies and Video Games

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Play isn’t only beneficial for children—adults should reap the benefits, too.

There will be a lot happening at ATD23, so understandably, in-person attendees may need an occasional break. There’s a perfect solution in the EXPO hall. ATD at Play is a fun zone just for you to blow off some steam and decompress.

ATD at Play enables attendees to recharge by playing with puppies, testing out new virtual reality experiences, and enjoying old arcade games, among other activities.

A smiling woman holds a puppy in her arms and a dog's toy rope in her right hand.
According to, play isn’t only beneficial for children. There are plenty of benefits for adults. Playing games with your partner, friends, pets, kids, and, yes, co-workers fuels your imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional well-being.


In the context of ATD23, having fun helps adults to relieve stress. You’ll have fun at the conference, of course, but you will also spend four days absorbing information, focusing your attention, and engaging with people you’ve never met.


Speaking of socializing with a lot of people, also says play helps develop and improve social skills. You’ll have plenty of time to put those skills to use at the networking events scheduled during the conference.

When you’re putting your ATD23 schedule together, carve out time each day to put on a VR headset or play an arcade game. Give your brain a break—the data shows it benefits you to do so, and the puppies are waiting.

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