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Innovation in Talent Development Award

This award is given in recognition of an innovation that has a measurable impact on an organization or audience, is moving the talent development industry forward, is sustainable, and is replicable within or outside the talent development field. This award can be presented to an individual or a team.

Winners of the ATD Innovation in Talent Development award include Tyson Food, Inc., Denver Zoological Foundation, Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan), Tata Consultancy Services (India), Tencent Holdings (China), and University Health System (Texas).


Nominations will be evaluated on the following:

Scope: The nominees are working for or on behalf of an organization to support any aspect of talent development, and their innovation(s) or innovative work helps an organization achieve results.* The innovation may be an idea, a process, a model, an approach, or a change in talent development that is positively affecting individuals, an organization, or larger audiences or stakeholders.

Commitment: The nominees have identified an opportunity to use ideas, drive, passion, vision, and influence to make a positive impact on talent development. They are seen as visionaries, leaders, and people or groups whose influence and work positively affects individuals around them, the organizations they serve, and society.

Actions: The nominees have developed a unique approach or novel idea, or created something new that adds value to and influences any aspect of talent development and contributes to strategy. The result of the nominees’ work has a measurable impact, moves the industry forward, is sustainable, and is replicable within or outside the field.

*The ATD Competency Model areas of expertise are performance improvement, instructional design, training delivery, learning technologies, evaluating learning impact, managing learning programs, integrated talent management, coaching, knowledge management, and change management.

Submission Requirements

1. Application

2. Submit any questions to:

Kristen Fyfe-Mills

Selection Procedure

Nominators will receive notification of the decision regarding their entries by March 30, 2020.

The award winners will be honored at the awards ceremony held during the ATD International Conference & Exposition in May 2020, in Denver, CO. Announcements of the award will be in ATD publications and on the ATD website.