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This basics bundle provides trainers with techniques, examples, and exercises in fundamental areas of the training process, including training design, facilitation, performance improvement, and coaching.
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This basics bundle provides trainers with techniques, examples, and exercises in fundamental areas of the training process, including training design, facilitation, performance improvement, and coaching.

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Publisher: ATD
Release Date: June 2016
Product Code: 141618

  • Included In This Product
  • Facilitation Basics, 2nd Edition
    Stop presenting and start facilitating meaningful learning. Whether you are a subject matter expert who occasionally takes on a trainer role, a trainer who wants to build on solid presentation skills, or anywhere in between, Facilitation Basics will help you create supportive and effective learning. This complete how-to guide is designed to improve your facilitation proficiency so you can give face-to-face as well as online and virtual classroom learners your best.
  • Training Design Basics, 2nd Edition
    If you are designing a training program for the first time, this practical book is for you. Part of ATD’s Training Basics series, it zeroes in on how to design successful training for the face-to-face or virtual classroom. It also serves as a guide for developing self-study training programs, such as online tutorials and workbooks.
  • Coaching Basics, 2nd Edition
    In Coaching Basics you’ll discover a precise coaching framework along with insights from 40 experienced coaches, including Barry Goldberg and Marshall Goldsmith. This refreshed edition also homes in on what it takes to build influencing skills and introduces new content on microcoaching to highlight practical ways to leverage technology. Part of ATD’s Training Basics series, Coaching Basics presents the theory and follows it up with easily applicable techniques, examples, and exercises that will help you perfect essential coaching skills.
  • Performance Basics, 2nd Edition
    Understanding performance improvement is imperative. Have you noticed the trend toward performance in your profession? It’s happening around the world. With organizations placing greater emphasis on results and accountability, having knowledge of performance is critical.
  • Evaluation Basics, 2nd Edition
    How do training professionals show the impact their programs are making? Positive feedback only goes so far in confirming success. And entertainment value, while important, isn't the truest measure of your effectiveness. To find out whether your participants are applying what they’ve learned on the job, you need a good evaluation strategy—one that connects evaluation to performance, program design, and bottom-line value.
  • Needs Assessment Basics, 2nd Edition
    This second edition of Needs Assessment Basics will help you develop a foundation that will ensure the training programs you design and deliver will help the organization succeed.
  • Virtual Training Basics, 2nd Edition
    Build your virtual training skills with this new edition of Virtual Training Basics by Cindy Huggett. Virtual Training Basics will get you started with the fundamentals of virtual training, and then build you up through design and facilitation, with updated material and two new chapters to cover the latest breakthroughs and skills you need to know.
  • Job Aids Basics, 2nd Edition
    Job aids are often the most practical way to get quick performance improvement, particularly in time-pressured, resource-constrained situations. Not sure where to begin, or even if a job aid is the right choice? Job Aids Basics will teach you everything you need to know about selecting, creating, and using job aids.
  • ROI Basics, 2nd Edition
    ROI Basics provides a baseline exploration of ROI for the talent development function. In this second edition, ROI experts Patti and Jack Phillips cover the steps to successful ROI evaluation and the five-level evaluation framework.
  • Technical Training Basics, 2nd Ed
    If you’re an experienced trainer, content designer, or course developer, Technical Training Basics can help you tackle the challenges of working with specialized, complex subject matter.
  • Succession Planning Basics, 2nd Edition
    Succession Planning Basics will equip you with the background and implementation tools you need to devise and execute a forward-thinking succession planning program for your organization.
  • Adult Learning Basics, 2nd Edition
    Adult Learning Basics examines the principles of adult learning theory and how they relate to the training function by addressing individual learning competencies, organizational learning climate, and technology-related issues. This new edition features the latest research on generational trends, microlearning, and other TD breakthroughs.