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The worldwide talent development community is diverse. Our members bring a wealth of experience and insight to their work. We're spotlighting their stories.

Aya Medhat, CPTD has been an ATD Member since 2021. Here's her story in her own words.

Years in the Talent Development Field?


Favorite or Most Used ATD Member Benefit?
TD magazine

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State of the Industry Report


• Templates and tools

Best Talent Development Advice?

Never stop learning! Set learning goals for yourself and tackle every project or task as a learning opportunity.

Most Valuable Thing You’ve Gained or Experienced During Your Membership with ATD?

I feel safe! Like I got my back covered because no matter what next challenge I face or question I need to answer, the ATD website will have the answers or point me in the right direction.


How do you achieve and maintain professional well-being?

I stay open to opportunities, keep up with the latest trends, expand my network, and make sure I don’t get obsessed with ideas that are not worth my while.

What is your go-to work or wellness affirmation that you use to boost your confidence and motivation to succeed in your work?

Mindfulness! Focusing on the present prevents me from regretting any choices I’ve made or falling in the FOMO trap. I’ve learned to trust the system and hold my horses to see what the future holds for me.

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