The Accidental Instructional Designer, 2nd edition

Learning Design for the Digital Age
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Go From Accidental to Intentional

Filled with insights and tips, this updated edition of The Accidental Instructional Designer, by e-learning veteran Cammy Bean, covers nearly every aspect of the learning design process for those getting started or even for the experienced practitioner in need of new ideas.

Many trainers and instructional designers fall into the talent development profession by accident, often having been tasked by their organization to train others on a subject they are expert in. Whether they’re good at explaining technical concepts or have a way with PowerPoint, they have often have little to no formal education in instructional design. Many are looking for grounding in the core principles of instructional design so that they can design effective and engaging digital learning experiences.

Cammy explores instructional design basics such as working with subject matter experts, picking a design approach, and making your learning experiences better through storytelling, interactivity, and visuals. In this second edition, she goes deeper into the learning and development space (where instructional design happens at organizations), learning tools, the technology ecosystem, and assessment and evaluation frameworks. Along the way, you'll hear from a few other accidental instructional designers, get ideas for your own projects, and find resources and references to take your own practice to the next level.

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Praise for This Book
Founder, Mastering Instructional Design
“Cammy Bean captures the essence of modern instructional design in this updated edition. Rich with stories, best practices, and guidance for anyone interested in the field, this volume will help you build an intentional instructional design practice.”
CEO, The Learning Guild
“The Accidental Instructional Designer speaks to the too often forgotten L&D professional—the subject matter experts who transitioned into instructional design. The book acknowledges the expertise these individuals bring to the table and supplements it with practical guidance upon which a successful L&D career can be built.”
Professor of Instructional Design and Technology, Bloomsburg University
“If you find yourself ‘accidently’ designing instruction for a government, for-profit, or nonprofit organization, the first thing you need to do, after catching your breath, is grab The Accidental Instructional Designer. This book will save you hours and hours of effort, frustration, and false starts. Read it cover to cover, dog-ear pages, underline passages, and make notes in the margins. It offers a practical, no-nonsense approach to the design, development, and delivery of instruction for anyone who didn't meticulously plan a career in instructional design.”
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