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Evaluation-oriented instructional design that delivers business results.

Rethink how to design training instruction to meet bottom-line business goals. With his eight-step framework for measurement and evaluation-focused instructional design, Kristopher Newbauer offers a straightforward process for helping instructional designers and talent development (TD) leaders demonstrate and actualize their value while also transforming their attitude toward an often-dreaded practice.

With Aligning Instructional Design With Business Goals, improve your business acumen by adopting the language of your business leaders. Enhance the partnership among measurement and evaluation specialists, instructional designers, and business leaders to improve the TD function. Uncover the root cause of performance gaps to design more meaningful instruction—and thus increase ROI.

With case studies and examples to illustrate, learn to:

  • Promote your TD function as a strategy for achieving business goals.
  • Ensure TD programs are aligned to the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Design and develop effective TD programs.
  • Demonstrate to business leaders measurable added value in revenue and employee success.
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ISBN: 9781953946577
Pages: 208
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 112304

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About the Author
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Praise for This Book
Author, Washington Post Bestselling The Art and Science of Training
“The book does an excellent job of focusing on the ‘how,’ which I love. Every practitioner can benefit from developing their business acumen in clear and focused ways. It is a winner—a practical book that our profession needs.”
PhD, Senior Manager, L&D, Indeed
“This book is a game changer. If we are to become critical to the success of our clients, we need to think like the business. Kristopher Newbauer expertly unifies enablement rigor and business acumen, guiding L&D professionals to solve true business challenges aligned to key business priorities backed by meaningful business impact.”
Chairman, ROI Institute; Author; Recipient of the ATD Thought Leader Award
“While sponsors and supporters of talent development want a connection to impact measures, they rarely see it. This new book provides proven strategies and techniques to deliver impact with important and strategic programs.”
CEO, ROI Institute; Co-Author, Show the Value of What You; Recipient of the ATD Thought Leader Award
“To show the value of what you do, you must create value in what you do, as defined by those who care about what you do. Reading this book is the first step in doing just that.”
Authors, Telling Ain't Training, Training Ain't Performance, and Know-How
"The key messages and tools in this book are reinforced with referenced material and examples drawn from personal, real-world cases. By emphasizing continuous evaluation using hard-data measures and speaking the language of business, Kris has created book for any professional striving to demonstrate talent development’s contributions to overall organizational success."
Executive Director, Center for Talent Reporting; Former CLO, Caterpillar
“This book will help instructional designers to take a more business-oriented approach, which will be very valuable. I especially like the business focus. The profession needs to improve its business acumen and approach learning from a business point of view, and this book will certainly help in this effort.”
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