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What you need to know to manage a workforce.

The complex and ever-changing nature of today’s—and tomorrow’s—workforce demands that all involved in talent management rethink how to attract, engage, and grow future talent. This forward-looking handbook captures talent management’s evolution from a series of transactions to a fluid process that includes talent development.

With 20-plus chapters written by more than 30 contributors, the ATD Talent Management Handbook challenges you to think about the talent model of the future through the lens of different workforce models. It offers progressive thoughts on the current state of talent management and on how the function needs to adapt. Leaders, practitioners, and consultants alike will find useful insights and answers to relevant talent management challenges.

Edited by learning and development authority Terry Bickham, this handbook covers the entire talent management cycle, from talent acquisition and engagement to leadership development and succession planning. ATD’s first handbook on talent management, this book includes a foreword by ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham, highlighting the foundational components of talent development and its role within talent management.

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ISBN: 9781953946492
Pages: 336
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Former Talent Management Executive, Hewlett-Packard, Gap, Deloitte, and Yahoo!
Finally, we are defining and setting standards for the future of the fastest-growing field in HR—talent management. The ATD Talent Management Handbook features thought leaders and practitioners who share their perspectives on what works, what doesn’t, and what’s missing in this critical function. This book will challenge you to rethink what you are doing today and will be your go-to resource for the near future.
Professor Emerita, Educational Technology
This meaty book presses the reader to look more broadly, think more nimbly, and reach across conventional organizational boundaries. If you are eager to expand your influence on and insight into both people and organizations, here you will find motivation and means aplenty.
President and CEO
The ATD Talent Management Handbook is an incredible resource for all executives who understand that talent is a critical enabler of their business strategy. It moves beyond buzzwords and jargon to offer best practices and actionable data that guide leaders through the talent management life cycle. A compelling list of contributors includes seasoned practitioners from world-class organizations such as Chanel, Deloitte, and IBM, as well as leading management gurus like John Boudreau, Ed Lawler, and Noel Tichy.
Senior Advisor
The ATD Talent Management Handbook offers an integrated, holistic, and systematic approach to talent management. It’s a truly comprehensive collection of tools and frameworks, illustrated by business examples from organizations as diverse as CEMEX, CE, Genentech, and Spotify. Drawing on contemporary research, this book offers insights that will shift your perspective and challenge your assumptions.
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