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Start, Build, and Navigate Your Training and TD Career

Now in its third edition and grounded by the Talent Development Capability Model, ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development offers an up-to-date view of the growing roles of talent development professionals, our changing world of work, and the critical need for business alignment.

Edited by Elaine Biech, the third edition is divided into eight sections comprising 57 chapters authored by 100 expert practitioners—the brightest thinkers in the field—who share foundational and advanced perspectives and information. The handbook offers an in-depth exploration into growing professional expertise and personal skills, virtual learning and remote work, trends affecting TD, managing organizational and career change, growing roles in TD, and understanding organizational impact and business alignment. Ninety online tools are available to download, and there is also a glossary and references.

A Who’s Who of Talent Development Experts and Leaders
Section I: The Foundations of Learning and Development: Tacy Byham
Contributors: Lorrie Lykins • Becky Pike Pluth • Jonathan Halls • Preethi Anand
Section II: Planning a Career in Talent Development: Beverly Kaye
Contributors: Morgean Hirt • Rich Douglas • Catherine Lombardozzi • Ryan Gottfredson • Travis Waugh • Jean Greaves
Section III: Training and Development Basics: Bob Pike
Contributors: Angel Green • Ingrid Guerra-Lopez • Sharon Boller • Brian Washburn • Crystal Kadakia and Lisa Owens • Hadiya Nuriddin • Mhairi Campbell • Nancy Duarte • Jeff Davenport • Jim Kirkpatrick • Wendy Kirkpatrick • Jack Phillips • Patti Phillips
Section IV: Enhancing and Supporting Talent Development: Elliott Masie
Contributors: George Hall • Jennifer Hofmann • Maureen Orey • Emma Weber • Diane Elkins • Cindy Huggett • Cindy Clay
Section V: Required Forward-Focused Proficiencies and Attitudes: Rita Bailey Contributors: Wendy Gates Corbett • David Macon • Greg Owen-Boger • Dale Ludwig • Michael Wilkenson • Dianna Booher • Maria Morukian • Alex Adamopoulos • JD Dillon
Section VI: Expanded Roles of Talent Development: Kimo Kippen
Contributors: Wendy Axelrod • Barbara Goretsky • Halelly Azulay • Jenn Labin • Laura Francis • Kim Barnes • Bev Scott • Andrew Sobol • Tammy Bjelland • Lou Russell
Section VII: Aligning the Learning Function to the Organization: Ken Blanchard
Contributors: Jack Zenger • Joe Folkman • William Rothwell • Angela Stopper • Aileen Zaballero • Jim Kouzes • Barry Posner • Kevin Cope • Norma Dávila • Wanda Piña-Ramírez • David Vance • Emily Wood
Section VIII: Talent Development’s Role for Future Success: John Coné
Contributors: Holly Burkett • Tonya Wilson • Andy Trainor • Dave Forman • Christie Ward • Jennifer Stanford • Karl Kapp • Jessica Briskin • Larry Wolf

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Praise for This Book
Ed Tech Advisor; Former CLO, Google, Target, Nike, Mars
Keep this book by your bedside, on your desk, or in your backpack. In an era where our greatest asset is our ability to learn, Elaine has convened the brightest minds in the field to help us and our organizations to learn, grow, and develop. If you are leading talent development today or aspiring to do so tomorrow, this handbook will become your go-to resource.
VP Marketing, Commercial HVAC Americas Region, Trane Technologies
ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development has long been a must-have resource for managers, L&D practitioners, coaches, and students. This newest handbook, masterfully edited by Elaine Biech, responds to the urgency needed to learn, navigate, and lead with optimism and clarity through the turbulence of a shifting workforce landscape. Every chapter is informed by the latest research while offering practical insights and actionable advice to optimize organizational performance.
USN (ret.), Former President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership
The demand for new skills and fresh, nimble thinking in the post-pandemic world is enormous, which is why there’s never been a more exciting and important time to work in training and talent development. This book provides an exquisite map of where the field is heading—and what professionals can do right now to ensure that they and their colleagues thrive.
President, Long Island University
ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development is a brilliant coupling of notable experts with proven industry leaders offering unique and authentic insight into the future of work. The impressive roster of trainers and corporate professionals recognizes the importance of an interprofessional approach. This handbook, with dynamic web tools, is revolutionary.
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach; New York Times bestselling author, Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
The ATD handbook continues to be a staple for the future of training and development! Filled with expert advice and relevant practices, ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development provides insights for the changing world of HR. An excellent must-read!
USN (ret.), President and CEO, Mercy Medical Angels
This compendium of authors, topics, and experiences should help anyone inside an organization, whether they’re a talent development leader or not, understand what makes training, HR, or leadership development an integral part of a growing company. I’ll put Elaine up against any person called the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) whether in this domain or sports. Move over Tom Brady and Simone Biles!
USN (ret.), Former Talent Manager, Office of Naval Research
It is a rare thing in any field to consistently overachieve. However, Elaine Biech has once again managed to assemble the best insights from some of the best minds available in a concise, readable compendium that should be on everyone’s shelf! This third edition of the handbook is not to be missed—its tools and diverse inputs will open new ways of thinking about training and talent development.
Learning Scientist; Co-Host, Learning Geeks Podcast; Team Lead, Accenture’s Institute for Applied Learning Sciences
Imagine having more than 100 talent development luminaries and thought leaders on speed dial. If you have questions about learning science, growing your TD career, strategic partnering with core business leaders, the future of TD, or a host of other topics, pick up ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development. If you’re looking for insight, inspiration, or innovation for our field, voila, here it is!
Interim VP, Student Life, High Point University; Author, Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For
Written by professionals for professionals, ATD’s Handbook for Training and Talent Development is your go-to guide to ensure your TD staff are using the most up-to-date content available. The accompanying website also includes tons of tools, checklists, and planning templates to make your job easier.
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Hello, is the ASTD third edition a useful resource for learning and use as a reference for the CPTD certificate; because the reference used in the guideline for studying and preparing for CPTD is the ASTD second edition?
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The most comprehensive TD Handbook ever written. The contributors are top-of-the-line, generous with their content, and strategic in their delivery. I have to commend ATD and Elaine Bierch for this amazing resource, a must-own for anyone doing TD. It sits on my desk, and I use it daily...I have paper clips marking each section with tabbed flags, and every time I open the book to a section, I have a new learning experience. Just amazing. Buy it...now.
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So far I am happy with the content of the book but I am not able to access any of the resources mentioned. I see below that this has been addressed and a different web page address given but it also redirects me back to this page.
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