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Elevate Your Impact Through Influence Skills

At work, we often find ourselves in situations where we can and do influence others. We are negotiators, persuaders, conciliators, and maybe intermediaries and mediators. While there used to be little to no emphasis placed on developing these skills, organizations now recognize the ability to influence as critical for effective employee relations and productivity.

Part of the ATD Soft Skills Series, Influence in Talent Development examines the growing importance of personal influence at work and its impact on your relationships, career, and organizational success. Talent development professionals have a tremendous opportunity to influence at a deeper level—with learners, SMEs, and stakeholders—to achieve business and learning results. This book considers what it means to influence in general and in the TD context; how to use your ability to influence tactically and strategically; how to overcome barriers to success; and how you can be more impactful and empathetic. Vivian Blade shares a framework of five powerful principles at work to guide and expand influence: social capital, courage, authenticity, passion, and engagement.

Engage the principles in this book to build your influence among your colleagues and employees, and you will be more effective at getting things done with others.

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Praise for This Book
Chief People Officer, European Wax Center
As a c-suite leader, head of the Talent Development team and a member of the broader organization, I know that my ability to influence without relying on my authority is an important (and challenging) competency to practice and develop. “Influence in Talent Development” is a practical roadmap navigating not just the meaning and consequence of influence, it also provides a robust approach and methodology on becoming influential. Courage, authenticity and passion are table stakes in being able to influence, and this guide helps get you there.
VP-Global Learning & Development, Verizon
Influence is a critical skill for Talent Development and HR professionals now and for the foreseeable future. Vivian Blade’s Influence in Talent Development offers a plethora of practical considerations and SCALE Principles that can transform a new or seasoned professional from being an influencer to a person of influence at work and beyond.
Vice President, Onboarding and Learning at Choice Hotels International and Author of Peak Leadership Fitness and Your Leadership Story
Influence is a highly relatable, practical, and results-oriented blueprint that will help you become a person of influence and make a positive difference. Blade leverages the wisdom of experience and provides tools and resources that will help you be successful in your journey to influence others.
CEO, The Bob Pike Group
Do people act on your ideas even if you don’t have the big title? Do they heed your advice even if you are junior in seniority? This book will help you create an action plan to influence from where you sit today. Influence is a secret weapon for training consultants—nurture yours and you’ll be amazed!
Executive Vice President, Human Resources National Cooperative Bank
For those who want to differentiate themselves as a person of influence, this book lays out how to get there. Vivian's foundational principles will radically elevate your sphere of influence!
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