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The Bridge to Your L&D Measurement and Reporting Strategy

Building measurement skills is critical for talent development professionals who seek to align their L&D programs to business outcomes for organizational success. Designed to improve your measurement capability and advance the measurement maturity of your organization, the Measurement Demystified Field Guide presents a refresher on the talent development reporting principles framework and measurement strategy. While the Field Guide serves as a standalone volume, it is also a companion to the authors’ first book, Measurement Demystified.

In an easy-to-use workbook style, the Field Guide provides nearly 100 skill-building exercises of varying types to help you uncover what measurement work your organization is doing; assess organizational maturity and gaps; understand how to apply specific concepts; and determine what’s right for your organization moving forward. It also offers interview questions to better understand users’ wants and needs; case study exercises to test your knowledge gaps; and reflection questions that focus on your deepening knowledge and skill. You can write your answers in the book or use the resource on ATD’s website.

Achieving measurement maturity is a change effort requiring commitment and discipline. Understanding your current capabilities and gaps is an essential first step followed by determining where your organization wants to go in this area. Once both are achieved, you will be able to develop your desired measurement and reporting strategy—the bridge between where you are today and where you aspire to be. The Measurement Demystified Field Guide is that bridge.

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