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Promotions Are So Yesterday is the recipient of the 2023 Bronze Medal from the Axiom Business Book Awards in the category of Success/Motivation/Coaching and the 2023 Nautilus Book Award in the category of Business & Leadership (Self Pub/small Press).

The time-honored tradition of defining career development exclusively in terms of promotions, moves, and title changes is dead. Beyond, between, and besides the climb up the positional ladder, there are many other ways that employees can—and want to—grow. However, many organizations still operate under the notion that promotions are the only option for career development, leaving employees disengaged, managers frustrated, and the business disadvantaged in its efforts to retain talent.

The good news is that career development is so much more than promotions alone, and managers are in a powerful position to redefine career development and create positive results for their employees and their organizations in this area.

In Promotions Are So Yesterday, Julie Winkle Giulioni offers you a new approach for developing your employees’ careers and helping them thrive in a company when promotions are not readily available. Discover an easy-to-apply framework of seven alternative dimensions of development (contribution, competence, confidence, connection, challenge, contentment, and choice) that will engage your employees—dynamic opportunities for growth that are completely within your control as a manager.

Promotions Are So Yesterday is filled with practical advice, nearly 100 questions to spark reflection and productive dialogue, and actionable templates and tools that managers can use with employees. Help bring your employees and your organization to even greater achievement with a strategy that will increase your employees’ job satisfaction, performance, knowledge, and skills, and strengthen your organization’s workforce.

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ISBN: 9781952157738
Pages: 176
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Bestselling Author, The Coaching Habit
Your employees may not want to ‘play the game’ or even ‘climb the ladder,’ but they don’t want to get left behind either. What they want is a career to be proud of, one of contribution and fulfillment. This practical book will help you coach them to do that on their own terms.
New York Times #1 bestselling author, Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
This book is required reading for HR professionals and managers in every industry! Promotions Are So Yesterday offers a powerful and insightful new look at how leaders can approach career development in a way that inspires and motivates their employees.
SHRM-SCP, Chief People Officer, LaRosa’s; Author, HR on Purpose!! and HR Rising!!
If we don’t make development our practice, then our employees will go to companies that do. Julie Winkle Giulioni gives you the canvas to make true development of your talent viable, applicable, and realistic. Grab this book and practice the C’s with yourself and your people. You’ll see the results!
Founder and CEO, ConantLeadership; Bestselling Author, The Blueprint; Former CEO, Campbell Soup Company
Promotions Are So Yesterday offers sage advice that is spot on and to the point, especially in today’s chaotic work environment. Promotions at work are certainly wonderful, but people hunger for so much more. Julie Winkle Giulioni has beautifully crafted a clear and practical approach to meeting this challenge in a way that engenders engagement, high performance, and retention. A worthy effort and a more worthy read.
CEO, The Global Good Fund
Consistent with Julie’s gift for cutting through the chaos and offering reality-based solutions, this book offers a fresh and immediately actionable alternative to outdated ways of thinking about careers. Finally, a way to democratize development and empower a workforce capable of changing the world. Leaders who embrace this multidimensional approach to career development will enrich their organizations as well as the broader business community. Making change for good happens one person at a time, and Promotions Are So Yesterday offers the framework and resources to enable leaders to help everyone reach their greatest potential and thrive.
Director, School of Management, TenarisUniversity, Tenaris
Expand your horizons—and those of your employees! We know that ‘promotions are so yesterday,’ and yet we all fall in the trap of constantly confusing growth with positions. This book offers an updated road map for anyone who wants to develop themselves and their teams toward reaching their full career potential with tools and strategies within any leader’s control.
Author, Reinventing You; Executive Education Faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business
If you’re a manager who genuinely cares about helping your employees thrive, this is the book for you. With a keen understanding of how contemporary organizations really work, Julie Winkle Giulioni shows you the exact strategies you can use to engage and develop your team to the fullest.
Vice President, Team HR, and Head of Talent, Synopsys
At a time when human connection is more critical than ever and harder to achieve, Julie has pulled together a practical field guide that busy managers can leverage to increase their teams’ capabilities and personal career satisfaction, regardless of physical proximity.
Director, Talent and Learning, Glaukos
Julie uses employee insights and feedback to challenge people leaders and HR to reframe the why, what, and how of career development. She offers a playbook of research-backed tools that will help all leaders become better career coaches, developers, and facilitators.
Chief Experience Officer, Brookfield Residential Properties
Julie has created a compelling story that resonates for leaders who want to create rock stars in the workplace by focusing on their most important responsibility—growing their team members. Promotions Are So Yesterday is not only a great read, it includes tools and strategies to support you in your journey of helping your team develop their best version of themselves, no matter what title they have.
Co-Author, Up Is Not the Only Way, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em
This book cracks the career development code for leaders and managers. By showing how to think outside the promotion box, Julie provides a plethora of practical possibilities for anyone who cares about development.
PhD, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Career Development
Once again Julie brings amazing content for people managers who care about employee satisfaction and retention. Promotions Are So Yesterday empowers managers to adopt a new mindset around career development. Well-organized and to the point, the book also provides rich resources to support practical application.
Senior Director, TMP Innovation and Learning, Salesforce
In her remarkable new book, Julie Winkle Giulioni provides seven dimensions to help employees grow and find meaningful, rich, and varied experiences in their careers. For managers wishing to support growth aspirations of their teams, this book is a treasure chest of ideas to help employees see that career growth goes beyond the ‘ladder.’ I highly recommend this book and am keen to start introducing the seven dimensions at my company.
General Counsel and Vice President of HR, GDH Consulting
In Promotions Are So Yesterday, Julie captures the realities of today’s workplace: Possibilities are the new promotion! This book is filled with tips, tricks, and tools for framing an engaging multidimensional approach to career development. The practical and example-based guidance for managers, who often dread career conversations, demystifies how to partner with employees to provide the development they crave.
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