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Develop Your Teamwork Skills

Teamwork allows us to engage in important work, and teams hold immense power. Those on teams share perspectives, brainstorm ideas, and produce results beyond what’s possible alone. With organizations relying increasingly on teams to deliver impact, teamwork skills are needed more than ever.

Part of the ATD Soft Skills Series, Teamwork in Talent Development is for talent development professionals who serve as team leaders or team members and wish to improve their collaboration abilities, build successful teams, and maximize their team performance for solving business problems, meeting learning needs, promoting culture change, and more.

In this book, you will learn what teamwork means, why teams and teamwork skills matter, and how to overcome common challenges related to teaming. Organization development expert Thane Bellomo introduces a model for how you can form teams and develop your teamwork skills. It starts with framing the work around clear and important goals. This positions you and the team to encourage curiosity and build trust while you embrace conflict and engage in (healthy) conflict.

Included are detailed takeaways and advice for applying the concepts.

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ISBN: 9781952157660
Pages: 152
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Praise for This Book
Thane's insight into developing the "team" goes beyond the team member's interaction . It prompts leaders to thoughtfully ponder "do my people know why we are doing what we're doing". So often, we throw people together to assemble a team and rarely do we take the thoughtful time to explain or consider the why behind the work. Simply Brilliant!
Managing Partner Curphy Leadership Solutions
Many organizations erroneously believe that training programs are best designed by individuals, not teams. Talent development is and has always been a team endeavor, and this book provides a roadmap for how to leverage stakeholder and talent development teams to develop skill building programs that work. Having worked in this space for over 30 years, Thane Bellamo's book is a must read for anyone interested in building technical, soft, and leadership skill development programs.
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Good read. Really hammered on the key points from many angles.
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