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The Ultimate Sales Framework for Achieving Business Success

Sales enablement is no longer the new kid on the block. Having grown rapidly in recent years, it’s now considered a best practice at many sales organizations. But there’s little alignment across the sales profession on what sales enablement is or how to achieve it, nor is there a formalized strategy on what a sales enablement practice is or requires.

In his new book The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement, sales enablement expert Mike Kunkle addresses these issues and presents a proven approach that both supports sales talent and achieves true business results. Kunkle lays out an easy-to-follow structure through the concept of building blocks, interconnected by systems thinking and supported by a consistent cadence of training, coaching, and content. Comprehensive and versatile, this book is for senior sales leaders and sales enablement leaders who are starting or evolving a sales enablement function as well as for struggling sales practitioners to use as a diagnostic tool and road map.

Chapters detail how to use each building block, with reflective questions and guidance for creating your own analysis and tools. The book also includes a chapter on sales onboarding, separate chapters on how to integrate communication and support services, and recommended resources.

Impactful sales enablement projects are basically change management initiatives in disguise. Use the building blocks framework to navigate challenges, measure successes, and determine a path forward to improving business outcomes.

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ISBN: 9781952157622
Pages: 184
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Co-author, The Challenger Customer and The Effortless Experience, Managing Director, SBI
The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement is rooted in a deep understanding of the messy reality that confronts today's sales enablement leaders: complex, interdependent systems that govern today's modern commercial organization, and the chaos that is the customer buying experience. Mike Kunkle's intimate understanding of these dynamics delivers a clear and actionable framework that will propel growth for all revenue leaders
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