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The Turnkey Guide for Your Executive Coaching Practice

The Executive Coaching Playbook offers to newly minted executive coaches and entrepreneurs who are launching executive coaching practices a framework for building a business with proven results. Beyond offering the why of coaching theory, this book provides the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to set up a thriving business—from working with your first executive clients to developing the business plan and marketing strategy for your brand.

With over 30 years of experience as both an executive and a top leadership and executive coach, Nadine Greiner, along with talent development expert Becky Davis, shares her extensive knowledge, hard-won lessons, and practical advice—covering everything from the first chemistry call with a potential executive client to closing out engagements with meaning and poise. In this book, you will learn how to be the executive coach that leaves sponsor, clients, and yourself more than satisfied.

The perfect companion to Greiner’s The Art of Executive Coaching, the playbook offers:

  • 75+ downloadable templates and techniques (including email templates, worksheets, forms, and agendas) to support and to customize for your coaching endeavors
  • A four-step coaching process to adopt with your clients
  • Practical advice for starting and growing your business
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Praise for This Book
CEO, How Women Lead
“As a CEO who has benefited from engaging executive coaches and as an executive coach myself, I’ve experienced the transformative power of coaching firsthand, and this book encapsulates that power beautifully. With proven results and insights drawn from their extensive experience, Greiner and Davis offer a blueprint for honing your coaching skills and elevating your business to new heights.”
MBA, Executive Coach
"Coaches who are on the journey to transform leaders and organizations require three key elements: a clear and transparent methodology, a profound understanding of human motivation, and the insights born from personal leadership experience. This playbook delivers on all fronts, offering a comprehensive framework that equips coaches with the tools they need to succeed. If you are a coach, you should get this book now. The templates alone are worth it!"
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I received my copy of "The Executive Coaching Playbook" yesterday (2/21/24) and am SO excited and pleased! While I will start reading in the next day or so, I have been looking for specific information and guides related to commuicating with sponsors, releasing information, chemistry calls, and so much more with little success. This is going to be an incredible resource! I will be recommending it to many.
Ed Nottingham, PhD, PCC
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