Rapid Video Development for Trainers Video Examples

  • At a time when training and development budgets are being decreased, staff must be able to do more with less. And, since web-based video is rapidly assuming a critical role in corporate training, the ability to create highly effective video in-house is crucial. Rapid Video Development for Trainers is your invaluable educational resource for every aspect of professional-quality, cost-effective web video production.

Chapter 5, Video 1: 3-Shot


Chapter 5, Video 2: 5-Shot


Chapter 5, Video 3: Track In/Out


Chapter 5, Video 4: Track Right/Left


Chapter 5, Video 5: Zoom In/Out


Chapter 5, Video 6: Tilt Up/Down


Chapter 5, Video 7: Pan Left/Right


Chapter 6, Video 1: Transitions


Chapter 6, Video 2: Venetion Transition


Chapter 6, Video 3: Transition and Effect


Chapter 6, Video 4: Effects


Chapter 6, Video 5: Corrective Effects


Chapter 6, Video 6: Background Chroma-Key


Chapter 8, Video 1: Music and Energy


Chapter 8, Video 2: Sound Effects


Chapter 10, Video 1: Auto vs. Manual


Chapter 12, Video 1: How to Focus


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