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Build Your Coaching Skills to Develop Others
Coaching has the power to enhance individual, team, and organizational performance. Its interactive process helps individuals set and act upon goals, make better decisions, and produce results.

10 Steps to Successful Coaching offers meaningful advice to help you embrace and elevate your existing coaching skills, drawing upon your strengths as a leader, colleague, or employee to bring out the strengths of others. This book is an entry point for anyone who wants—or has been asked—to do some formal or informal coaching. It’s also for anyone who wants to infuse day-to-day interactions in the workplace with a powerful new skill: development through coaching.

With coaching skills quickly becoming essential for anyone who wants to help others develop in the workplace, use this book as your road map to being an effective coach who is ready to listen, encourage, and challenge others to greater achievement. Your coachees will enjoy greater job satisfaction and confidence, and your organization will benefit from this cost-effective way of developing employees and improving productivity. You, as a coach, will discover growth in your working relationships and gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment.
This second edition addresses coaching in terms of the broader organization; creating a coaching culture; the impact of technology on the coaching relationship; and goal and accountability setting; overcoming obstacles to good listening; and ending the coaching process.

You'll find a diverse array of tools to help you along the way. Examples include:
• a development plan to highlight existing coaching skills and areas of opportunity
• sample questions to ask during sessions
• forms to secure commitment to coaching
• an assessment to evaluate your organization’s coaching culture.

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