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Welcome to the big data revolution.

In today’s wired world, we interact with millions of pieces of information every day. Capturing that information and making sense of it is the revolutionary impact of big data on business—and on learning.

Thought leader Elliott Masie and Learning CONSORTIUM Members bring a powerful new book to the T&D profession. They provide a SWOT analysis of big data and implications for learning and development professionals.

Big learning data is at your fingertips. You need to know why it matters.

  • Find out where to start with big learning data.
  • Think differently about the data you have.
  • Understand the risks that come with big data.
  • Solve problems using the new perspectives and measurement support that big learning data provides.
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ISBN: 9781562869090
Pages: 160
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111404
About the Author
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Praise for This Book
Author, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Mojo
Big learning data is a BIG topic for learning and human resource leaders. Elliott Masie is the world authority on e-learning, and takes a big approach to this changing topic—including the risks, privacy, and transparency concerns of learning and employers!
Co-Author, The One-Minute Manager and TrustWorks!
As we enter a world with more and more data collected and shared, a culture of trust is critical. Elliott Masie is passionate about the advantages, risks, and challenges as we leverage and cope with big data!
President and CEO, EDUCAUSE
Big learning data can be a game changer. It can enable alternative models and new insights that improve choice, decision making, and learning success. It can provide feedback and dashboards. But it can also feed learners forward to their next learning experience, the next step in their career, and the next level of economic opportunity. Elliott Masie’s book helps us see the possibilities—and imperatives—of big learning data.
Chief Learning Officer, Comcast
Shaping corporate learning strategies requires real-time, dynamic data—and now big data—to make smart decisions. Elliott Masie has assembled an exciting range of learning colleagues to comment on and shape the emerging world of big learning data. We need these perspectives as we face the future of workplace performance.
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