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What Talent Development Professionals Should Know and Do to Be Successful

The talent development field is deep and wide, encompassing the efforts that foster learning and employee development to drive organizational performance, productivity, and results. Major societal forces and business changes require talent development professionals across all industries to adopt new approaches and upgrade skills to keep pace and grow. Capabilities for Talent Development presents the new ATD Capability Model, a powerful framework to guide the profession in what practitioners need to know and do to develop themselves, others, and their organizations.

ATD’s research shows that the future of work will require talent development professionals to leverage interpersonal skills, along with their professional expertise, to work as a true business partner to achieve organizational goals. As organizations respond to trends in business, science, and technology—such as artificial intelligence and automation, brain-based learning, new ways to enlist skilled talent brought on by the gig economy, and other factors—professionals must develop their knowledge and skills from three domains of practice:

  • Building Personal Capability
  • Developing Professional Capability
  • Impacting Organizational Capability

Capabilities for Talent Development offers an in-depth look at the Model and its components, drawing from the research behind it. Inside are application tips for individuals, educators, and organizations, as well as examples and interviews with thought leaders that describe an exciting future ahead for the talent development field.

The ATD Capability Model is future-oriented and can help you personalize your development needs. Grow your career as you grow your knowledge and skills in talent development.

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Do I recall Tony saying at ALC that each of the chapters would receive a free copy of the guide?
Each Chapter will be sent a copy of Capabilities for Talent Development: Shaping the Future of the Profession. Please check with your chapter services team member on the timing of receipt.
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Looking forward to understand the differences between capabilities and competencies
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