Consulting on the Inside, 2nd Edition
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Are you an internal consultant—a staff member who serves in a consultative role within your organization? Then you need this hands-on guidebook to help you better understand your role and improve your performance.

Whether you're a change agent, trusted advisor, or someone who serves in varying capacities, it's important to design your job, develop a formal agreement, and build your practice.

Consulting on the Inside provides a solid background for internal consultants and serves as a roadmap for cultivating a successful career. You'll learn how to:

  • maintain an outsider's objectivity while applying an insider's knowledge of the organization
  • build relationships but be up-front about challenges and issues
  • design your role to fit the client's needs and the organizational situation
  • handle roadblocks and deal effectively with difficult clients
  • market your consulting services within the client organization.

You'll find a thorough examination of the eight phases of the consulting process, a comprehensive analysis of the differences between internal and external consultants, and success stories demonstrating the personal qualities you need to build trust and relationships. Consulting on the Inside also provides a complete toolbox for getting the job done, including tips and techniques, checklists, forms, a sample hiring agreement, and ready-to-use agendas.

With this book in your hands, you'll be able to apply your expertise, influence and personal skills to multiple roles within your organization, and balance the tension between being an insider and needing to give honest, direct feedback to your colleagues. As an internal consultant with a well-founded practice, you can provide competent, collaborative advice to help solve problems, improve performance, and increase your organization's effectiveness.

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Praise for This Book
CEO, Herrmann International
Already an internal consultant? Thinking of becoming one? Wondering if you are one but not really sure? Maybe you work with or sell to internal consultants and wonder what makes them tick? In any case, READ THIS BOOK! Consulting on the Inside is the most practical, useful, and well written resource available on this ever evolving and growing role. I guarantee you will learn something about the role requirements, yourself and those who work in this demanding field and serve as a great reference book for years to come.
Founder and CEO, Career Systems International Co-Author, Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay
If you are considering a career as an internal consultant, this is a must! It's the next best thing to a crystal ball. It will give you a glimpse of what your worklife might look like. Even senior practitioners will gain some new insights, and probably say….if only I had this when I started.
CEO, Management Consultant SMART Outcome LLC
Bev and Kim have provided a go-to guide for internal consultants, and their book, Consulting on the Inside, couldn't be more timely. With the growing diversity and multi-generational make up of today's workforce, the role the internal consultant, in resolving conflicts and influencing positive change, has never been more important or challenging. Consulting on the Inside provides a wealth of practical advice, case study examples, and tools on how to effectively build relationships and partner with teams to help them find common ground, align on a shared purpose and mobilize to realize their goals and objectives.
Strategy Consultant, Financial Industry
The authors discuss with exceptional clarity the valuable role of internal consultants as trusted advisors within our organizations. This is exactly what business leaders need to identify insiders who possess the business acumen and relationships to help them achieve results. It is also full of inspiration and practical examples for internal consultants with a passion for guiding change.
Author, The Business of Consulting and Marketing Your Consulting Services
Expecting nothing but excellence from these two master consultants, I was not disappointed to see new models and valuable concepts intertwined with many of the practical tools such as sample contracts, agendas, team charters, and others from the first edition. Bev and Kim ensure your success from helping you define your internal consulting role, to overcoming the most common challenges, through ensuring successful implementation. They do this with the practical ease of consultants who really know their business. Consulting on the Inside sits obligingly on my bookshelf within easy reach at all times.
Co-Founder, Being First Inc. Co-Author of Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results from Conscious Change Lead
This book goes to the heart of what every internal change consultant needs to know, do and be—from beginner to expert. It provides conceptual frameworks, tools, impeccable behavioral guidance, and best of all—wisdom from two masters of the field. This is one book to read and re-read!
Senior Engineering Manager Medtronic Inc.
Working from the inside often triggers an organization's immune response. Scott and Barnes delivers a playbook for succeeding as an internal consultant. A must read for any practitioner who wants to significantly increase their organizational influence and value creation.
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