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Engage your employees with a mentoring program that spans across the generations.

With a workforce full of varying degrees of experience, the focus is often on the challenges of balancing a multigenerational staff. But what can be overlooked is what these generations can learn from each other. Senior members in organizations have expressed that they continually want to learn—and not only teach. These findings lead Reitman and Benatti to create the Mentoring Partnership Model, which is a way for new and seasoned employees to partner and learn from each other. This book is a two-part presentation of how to implement this model into your organization: a facilitator’s handbook outlining the process and a participant’s workbook complete with worksheets and templates.

Use the Mentoring Partnership Model to pass on knowledge and retain and engage employees.

  • Covers the characteristics of an effective mentor and why mentoring works.
  • Offers step-by-step instructions of each stage of the program.
  • Includes the worksheets, evaluation forms, and checklists to use in your program.

About the Companion Workbook
The Creating a Mentoring Program: Partner's Workbook features worksheets, exercises, and evaluations developed specifically for Mentoring Partnerships Program participants. The digital workbook is customized to enable participants to complete, save, update, and print forms as they progress through the program.

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Formats: Paperback, PDF, Workbook
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Looking forward to reading this Sylvia! Hope you are well.
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