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Managers are flooded with theories, concepts, and ideas for how to improve employee engagement—but what works, and what doesn’t? This book helps managers cut through the clutter of all those strategies and find the one that works for them. Beginning with the myths and realities of employee engagement, authors Davila and Piña-Ramirez highlight the importance of organizational culture and context when it comes to keeping employees invested in the organization.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the various stages of employee engagement.
  • Consider change management as a critical issue in employee engagement.
  • Learn how to maintain that engagement throughout your employees’ careers.


Book Details
ISBN: 9781562868635
Pages: 248
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111308

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About the Authors
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Praise for This Book
Author and Consultant, Organization Development and Training
All managers should read and use Cutting Through the Noise. It is highly practical because it acknowledges the individual career cycles all employees go through and helps managers understand and manage key trigger points to enhance engagement. Most books address employee engagement in broad swaths and generalizations–this book is packed with actionable ideas any manager can use.
Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, EVERTEC Inc.
Cutting Through the Noise leads readers through a refreshing and practical take on the age old subject of engagement. The authors challenge the readers' ideas while immersing them in an interactive journey of self-assessment that ultimately provides a grounded strategy on how to become an advocate for change and add value to the business regardless of the organizational culture or role you’re in.
VP, Quality Capability Excellence and Human Reliability, GlaxoSmithKline
This book provides the reader with a pragmatic approach to addressing employee engagement through simple and solutions based exercises weaved throughout a mapped journey of understanding. Norma and Wanda have managed to demystify a multifaceted issue occupying leaders and organizations by allowing us to diagnose our own situation and providing a path to more robust engagement plans.
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