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Onboarding turns the key, opening the door to talent development

Investing in onboarding means investing in employee success and the business of the future. Effective onboarding programs both increase and facilitate employee engagement and business results; onboarding shortens the employee learning curve by increasing job knowledge. If you need to design, revise, or expand your company’s onboarding program, Effective Onboarding offers a simple-to-follow path forward.

Talent development experts Norma Dávila and Wanda Piña-Ramírez combine their significant consulting experience and the latest onboarding trends to create a single source for onboarding best practices, job aids, templates, and checklists. Also included are examples and stories based on real-life situations the authors have encountered in their practice. While many books about onboarding limit their scope to employee recruitment and selection, this book is more comprehensive, following employees through their first year on the job. Effective Onboarding clarifies the differences between orientation and onboarding, describes how to build a business case for your onboarding program, and guides you to design, implement, evaluate, and sustain the program that’s right for your organization.

Effective Onboarding is part of a new ATD series, What Works in Talent Development, which addresses the most critical topics facing today’s talent development practitioners. Each book in the series is written for trainers, by trainers, and offers a clear, step-by-step path to solve real issues.

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Chairman, ROI Institute Author, The Business Case for Learning
An effective onboarding program is important to talent engagement and retention. Norma and Wanda show how to get it right and connect onboarding to business value, all in one easy-to-read book with useful tools and templates.
Elaine Biech
Extraordinary onboarding starts during recruitment, before employees are hired. Effective Onboarding takes you on a practical journey from defining onboarding, to the rationale and logistics, to timing and rollout, and finally to sustainability and your plans for the future. It’s all there.
Former Secretary of Labor, Puerto Rico Professor, University of Puerto Rico
Effective Onboarding shows how a company's strategic priority can focus on the engagement and development of its employees’ potential, capacities, skills, and expertise. This book provides an invaluable benefit for employees, employers, executives, managers, and trainers.
President and CEO, Jim Smith Jr. International
Remember your last onboarding experience? Neither do I. I still can't figure out why this extremely important step is so undervalued. Norma Davila and Wanda Pina-Ramirez have written a book that will immediately serve as every organization's GPS.
Author, Employee Development on a Shoestring Host, The TalentGrow Show Leadership Podcast
Not just a biz-speak buzz-word, onboarding can seem both elusive and overwhelming. But it's a crucial period in creating top performance. Thankfully, the authors have created a hands-on manual that will help you revise or build an excellent onboarding program start to finish.
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