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Better Learning Solutions Through Better Learning Experiences

When training and development initiatives treat learning as something that occurs as a one-time event, the learner and the business suffer. Using design thinking can help talent development professionals ensure learning sticks to drive improved performance.

Design Thinking for Training and Development offers a primer on design thinking, a human-centered process and problem-solving methodology that focuses on involving users of a solution in its design. For effective design thinking, talent development professionals need to go beyond the UX, the user experience, and incorporate the LX, the learner experience.

In this how-to guide for applying design thinking tools and techniques, Sharon Boller and Laura Fletcher share how they adapted the traditional design thinking process for training and development projects. Their process involves steps to:

• Get perspective.

• Refine the problem.

• Ideate and prototype.

• Iterate (develop, test, pilot, and refine).

• Implement.

Design thinking is about balancing the three forces on training and development programs: learner wants and needs, business needs, and constraints. Learn how to get buy-in from skeptical stakeholders. Discover why taking requests for training, gathering the perspective of stakeholders and learners, and crafting problem statements will uncover the true issue at hand.

Two in-depth case studies show how the authors made design thinking work. Job aids and tools featured in this book include:

• a strategy blueprint to uncover what a stakeholder is trying to solve

• an empathy map to capture the learner’s thoughts, actions, motivators, and challenges

• an experience map to better understand how the learner performs.

With its hands-on, use-it-today approach, this book will get you started on your own journey to applying design thinking.

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