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Meet Learning Needs With New Thinking

Learning is no longer an activity or luxury that only occurs at specific stages in your life or career. With the digital revolution, learning has become immediate, real-time, and relevant. As a learning and development professional, you’ve likely confronted the digital learning revolution, but you are armed with instructional design models from the pre-digital world. Now, today’s digital universe has a learning design model to integrate both new technologies and tried-and-true learning methods into the learning experience design: learning cluster design.

Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM offers you and your learners a new way to design learning experiences. It describes the fundamental shift that has occurred in the nature of L&D’s role as a result of the digital revolution and introduces a new five-step model: the Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model (OK-LCD Model), a new five-step model for training design that meets the needs of modern learning. The model’s five steps or actions are an easy-to-follow mnemonic—CLUSTER:

  • Change on-the-job behavior.
  • Learn learner-to-learner differences.
  • Upgrade existing assets.
  • Surround learning with meaningful assets.
  • Track transformation of Everyone’s Results.

In each chapter, the authors share stories of business leaders, L&D professionals, and learning professionals who have successfully adopted the OK-LCD Model, detailing how they altered organizational mindsets to meet the needs of modern learners and their organizations. Included are how-to features, tools, tips, and real-life “in practice” sections.

This is an exciting time to be in L&D. It’s time to join the modern learning design revolution. of learning clusters.

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Praise for This Book
Co-Authors, Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation
Kadakia and Owens masterfully adapt the best of existing training models into their new road map for modern workplace learning. Every training professional should follow their guidance to integrate learning into the business and focus on job performance.
Co-Founder and CEO, Professional Book Club Guru
This book should be on every L&D professional's shelf. Kadakia and Owens offer a clear vision for the future of learning with a balance between the big picture and how to apply the ideas to programs of all sizes.
Talent Development, Cisco
Kadakia and Owens offer a practical model based on thoughtful analysis of our modern learners’ reality. A must read for the L&D professional tasked with creating engaging content, driving meaningful change, and measuring the results of behavioral transformation that can only come from true learning.
Former Senior Director, Global Learning and Development, BCD Travel
This is a thought-provoking and practical resource that should help learning leaders and instructional designers alike. Full of fresh ideas and a new model that will help us effectively leverage new technology and multiple learning assets to serve today's modern learners.
RichIntegration.com, former Head of Tech Talent Development, Zappos.com
This book brings a much-needed update to models that haven’t evolved with today’s workplace. OK-LCD addresses the social learning component and scales to include learning technology that hasn’t even been invented.
Assistant Vice President, Talent Management, Ohio National Financial Services
This book is the perfect blend of learning theory and practical tools for L&D professionals. It sparks curiosity and creativity for our field—in short, shaping us into modern learners too.
Professor, Innovative Learning Design & Technology, Ohio University
Our world has changed. Learning models that worked in the past have limited relevance in our dynamic and constantly changing world. Kadakia and Owens deliver a powerful learning model that responds to work conditions that are continually evolving.
Senior Learning Experience Designer, Ohio State University
The Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design model takes the best elements of many frameworks and theories and blends them to provide a learner-centric, performance road map for creating authentic learning experiences. If you are looking to take your talent and development strategy to the next level, this book will help guide you from one-and-done learning to a providing a full pathway of learning experiences for your training population.
Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter, PEOPLEfirst, Talent & Retention Consulting
Sometimes the most simple concepts are the ones we overlook. Designing for Modern Learning does an excellent job of viewing learning through the lens of the ‘customer’ or learner in a way that we typically see in marketing but have yet to adopt for L&D in the multifaceted, complex way this book describes. It does a great job combining theory with practical steps and applications for the modern L&D professional to implement right away!
Author, Learning in the Age of Immediacy
Designing for Modern Learning provides a useful primer for adapting your learning strategy to the digital age. Kadakia and Owens provide a concise, practical reference to guide you through the process of modernizing your learning design and development.
AVP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness, Cornerstone OnDemand
Whether you are new to the L&D function or need to understand and examine the business from a more senior perspective, this book provides insightful, relevant, and thought-provoking content. By engaging both with individual learner differences and the need to become business savvy, Designing for Modern Learning will certainly support L&D professionals as they grow their careers and continue exploring how the L&D world shifts in this new skills economy. The authors’ flexibility in thought mixed with a strategic energy will be an asset as we continue driving the discussion around the evolution of L&D.
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Designing for modern learning is the answer for designing learning for during and post covid era. The OK-LCD model is going to be the pathbreaking in modern learning design.
Thank you Sushil for sharing, we really appreciate it
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Lisa and Crystal provide L&D professionals with a roadmap for the 21st century. The OK-LCD model helps elevate the L&D professional to a strategic business partner, using new concepts, such as learning clusters, and Strategic Performance Objectives, to assure that our hard work on design and delivery makes a difference. I encourage L&D teams to read this book together, and then apply the model, the concepts, and practices to create your own learning clusters
Thank you Vern for your kind and thoughtful words
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