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This ultimate road map covers the entire e-learning landscape.

Why do we even need e-learning? What is an LMS? How do I write a storyboard? If you’re delving into e-learning and are coming up with more questions than answers, this guide is the high-level overview you’ve been looking for. In this book, e-learning development experts and educators Diane Elkins and Desirée Pinder deliver a comprehensive examination of the e-learning process from the ground up.

E-Learning Fundamentals provides the base of knowledge necessary to tackle everything from early concepts of e-learning down to its execution. Throughout, you’ll find vignettes that bring concepts to life as well as checklists and practical tools for designing and developing your first e-learning course.

In this book you will:
• Dive into the basics of e-learning design and development.
• Explore the e-learning course design and development process—from analysis through evaluation.
• Learn to write and storyboard a course, construct test questions, choose media, put the course together, and establish a thorough review process.

Download the tools and checklists from the book in an editable format.

Tools of the Trade Infographic

Use this handy infographic, adapted from the book, to learn about the pros and cons of popular e-learning design tools at your disposal:

Author Video

Hear from E-Learning Fundamentals co-author Diane Elkins:

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