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Perfect the Skills Needed to Excel as a Manager

An engagement crisis, a management skill shortage, a retention problem—call it what you will, but today’s research and workplace insights emphasize that many employees leave managers . . . not companies.

Good managers know they need to deliver results to be successful. But great ones? They understand the essence of managing encompasses something more: making connections, embodying the right skills, and developing their direct reports. They also realize managing well takes practice. With Focus on Them, you’ll get the tools and know-how to excel as a manager.

Edited by the Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) management authority Ryan Changcoco, research expert Megan Cole, and content developer Jack Harlow, this book explores ATD’s new management framework—the ACCEL model. Each chapter, written by a leader in management and talent development, focuses on one of the five skills managers need:

· accountability (Timothy Ito)
· communication (Ken O’Quinn)
· collaboration (Winsor Jenkins)
· engagement (Hunter Haines)
· listening and assessing (Michele Nevarez)

By investing in your development—boosting your ACCEL skills—you signal to your employees that you’re serious about their development and learning.

Becoming a manager isn’t climbing a mountain. By focusing on the basics, you can transform from a results-oriented manager to the people manager your employees need.

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Praise for This Book
Management Trainer and Author, It's Okay to Be the Boss
This book says it’s about getting back to basics, which I can’t endorse highly enough. Successful management is about the fundamental techniques and principles that really work, not the flavor of the month or the latest shortcut. Focus on Them does a great job of explaining why these basics are critical and giving concrete ideas on how to put them into practice.
Author, The Remix
Focus on Them is a thorough, well-written, back-to-basics guide to help people leaders understand and master the fundamental skills required to lead in today's ever-changing work environment.
Author, Back to Human, Promote Yourself, and Me 2.0
Focus on Them is useful for managers looking to create a highly engaged workforce, while increasing retention. Using research and conversations with experts, this book will help any manager become more effective and confident when leading their teams.
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Is there a summary of the book?. I am curious .....
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I need this book could you help me
We are very excited for this book as well and are glad you are interested! The book is available for preorder now and will be available December 26th 2018.
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