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Informal Learning Basics provides training and development professionals with guidance and practical lessons on harnessing the vast potential of informal learning in their organizations. While formal training has been the focus of many corporate training programs for the past century or more, as much as 70 percent of all learning in the workplace occurs through informal methods. Informal Learning Basics will assist you in recognizing and utilizing the informal learning possibilities in your company, and will show you how to create a framework of highly cost-effective training opportunities and a culture of improved performance.

In addition to providing an in-depth study of the concepts of informal learning, Informal Learning Basics also offers:

  • an analysis of how workers develop much of the knowledge for their jobs informally
  • real-world case examples of informal learners
  • an examination of the nine principles that govern informal learning in the workplace
  • suggestions on how to blend formal and informal learning in your organization
  • descriptions of specific activities for both group and individual informal learning opportunities
  • a discussion of the importance of support personnel in creating and maintaining effective informal learning programs
  • an exploration of the significant role played by technology in informal learning
  • suggestions on how to best evaluate informal learning programs.

With its wealth of insight and information on capturing the potential of informal learning and using it to your organization’s advantage, Informal Learning Basics is essential reading for every training and development professional.

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ISBN: 9781562867850
Pages: 240
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Manager, Learning and Development, Canada Post

“Informal Learning Basics provides training and development professionals with the foundational knowledge needed to develop, implement, and evaluate an informal learning strategy for their organizations. The book provides a rich understanding of how you can support informal learning at your workplace to reduce training costs, drive skill development, and build employee engagement.”

Senior Learning Consultant, IBM

“This book pieces together the puzzle of informal learning. It gives valuable guidance to spark and accelerate the ‘real’ learning that happens every day in the workplace.”

IBM Global Process Services, HR Delivery

“Practitioners who are tired of groundless best practices and tactics for informal learning have a new resource.  Informal Learning Basics by Saul Carliner is the go-to book for an accessible guide to planning workplace programs that leverage informal learning.”

Professor, Adult Learning & Leadership, Columbia University

“A must-have for training and development professionals—this book can help you decide which informal learning methods are best for your organization, make informed choices about implementation and support, avoid known traps, and assess results from informal learning programs.”

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