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The A–Z Resource on Instructional Systems Design

Modern, adaptable, flexible, timeless. Instructional systems design (ISD) is more relevant than ever and critical for organizational success. ISD is used by education and training professionals worldwide, with billions of dollars a year spent on designing and implementing training. Given such high stakes, organizations need the best training product available, and educational programs need the best textbook for cultivating professionals in this field. Introduction to Instructional Systems Design is just that resource.

This book provides comprehensive instruction for professors, instructors, and students of ISD who seek a professional and proven design method in an academic foundation. Written by long-time professor and practitioner of instructional design Chuck Hodell, this is a through line to his earlier bestselling volume ISD From the Ground Up and offers an even greater practicality with a strong theoretical base to answer the questions of why designers do what they do.

In chapters that detail the building blocks of instructional design, the ADDIE process, and advanced ISD processes such as determining criticality and content mastery, Hodell creates a guided learning experience with discussion questions and case studies to prompt deeper reflection. Preparing learners for digital learning and adapting in-classroom courses for remote learning are a particular focus, and Hodell provides an overview of career options and development. Perfect for professors and instructors, this textbook also includes an instructor’s guide.

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Pages: 448
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Professor and Executive Director, Advanced Post-Graduate Education in Palliative Care Executive Program Director, Online Master of Science and Graduate Certificate Program in Palliative Care Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science University of Maryland School of Pharmacy 20 N. Pine Street, S405, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
“Dr. Hodell is a teacher of teachers. This gem provides a succinct yet comprehensive background on instructional design, packed with both theoretical and practical teachings. You can’t call yourself a teacher until you have consumed Dr. Hodell’s latest masterpiece--it’s required reading!”
Associate Teaching Professor & Faculty Lead Learning Experience Design and Technology Program Northeastern University
Introduction to Instructional Systems Design: Theory and Practice is a powerful resource for both novice and experienced learning design practitioners. Grounded in evidence-based learning science and theory, Dr. Hodell purposefully unpacks ID models, processes, and core elements, while paying keen attention to the unique digital needs and challenges inherent in the 21st century learning design field.
Associate Professor of Education, George Mason University
Chuck Hodell delivers to a contemporary audience by providing a solid foundation for instructional design that connects theory to practice in diverse contexts. With practical examples and case studies in every chapter, this book provides both novice and seasoned professionals with tools for effective instructional design.
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