Leaders as Teachers

Unlock the Teaching Potential of Your Company’s Best and Brightest
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Does your organization make the most of its talented, dedicated leaders? If they aren't being used to inspire, mentor, coach, and train others, then it's time to help them—and your organization—reach their full potential.

Leaders as Teachers serves as both a strategic and practical implementation guide, designed for use by learning and human resource professionals as well as business executives, executive coaches, and high-visibility leaders. You'll find a complete explanation of why the leaders-as-teachers approach works, with testimonials from individuals who have personally benefited from the program, and then you'll be provided with a thorough guide to creating your own program.

No matter how large or small your organization may be, you can tailor the leaders-as-teachers approach to your situation. Use this book as a whole or in parts as you need them. It provides all the support materials—detailed plans, exercises, worksheets, sample training agendas—you'll need to establish your own leaders-as-teachers program.

See leaders as teachers in action!
To see firsthand how a leaders-as-teachers program works and feel the excitement it brings to organizational learning, watch "The People Factor: Leaders as Teachers at BD," a 23-minute film produced by the Corporate University Exchange that vividly describes the leaders-as-teachers process at BD.

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