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First Lessons, Lasting Insights

Nearly all of us have stories of advice given by the mom or mother figure in our lives. Mom is our first teacher and coach. For those of us who become leaders, teachers, and coaches, her guidance has a special value.

In Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion: Stories of Our Mothers, executive coaches and authors Ed and Nila Betof have collected stories from a wide range of leaders, teachers, coaches, and talent development professionals about how their mothers guided their paths to helping others lead resourceful, meaningful lives. Stories have unique power to give us perspective, engage us with the empathetic aspects of coaching and leading, and approach problems from a new angle. This book offers bite-size anecdotes about how a mother’s wisdom shapes the lives of leaders, coaches, trainers, and each one of us.

Explore these stories as a way to reconnect with your own mother’s legacy—or as a source of insight to share with your mentees and learners. Refill your tank of self-reflection, or use this book as inspiration to encourage others to dive deep into their own past and rediscover how their earliest childhood lessons could continue to help them grow today.

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Praise for This Book
International Bestselling Author, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers
Moms teach us lots of things. Ed and Nila Betof’s Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion includes some of the greatest life lessons learned from our Moms!
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BD
Reading Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion reminds me of sitting at my parents’ kitchen table and hearing some of the best advice I ever got. The lessons in this book are quick reminders of what it takes to be an authentic leader.
Former President and CEO, The Conference Board
I start reading most business books with a healthy degree of skepticism, but Nila and Ed Betof have found a unique and creative way of communicating important business lessons. Their approach turns what feels like listening in on a friendly conversation into an enormous opportunity to learn about leadership from the best.
Founder and Chair, Diversified Search
In Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion, Ed and Nila Betof remind us that no matter how many professionals we learn from during our careers, it is often the sage advice of the women who raised us that still applies—and resonates—the most.
Founder and Director, The HUMOR Project Inc.
Showing that mother knows best, this thoughtful book gives birth to a lasting legacy of life lessons for living, loving, learning, and leading.
Former CLO, Hilton Founder, Aloha Learning Advisors
Keep this book next to your desk and bed, as learning best occurs through storytelling. A thoroughly enjoyable read, anywhere, anytime, anyplace!
Chief Learning Officer, Signature HealthCARE
This book is the perfect read for any leader wanting to perform at a higher level. The lessons packed in these pages contain stunning advice and insights to change your life and your leadership trajectory.
Former CLO, General Mills Executive Leadership Fellow, University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
A refreshing and heartfelt approach to learning about authentic leadership through the wisdom of mothers. It’s a great personal read and will be even better to share with others!
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