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Learning Environments by Design deeply explores today’s workplace learning. This book empowers you to customize learning for your workforce and unearths the answers to the questions you’ve been asking: How does learning happen? What is the future of instructional design? What makes learning environments work?

Since the boom of e-learning, informal learning, and social learning, the learning environment landscape has changed dramatically and now offers a wide array of options for supporting knowledge and skill development at work. In this book, learning strategist Catherine Lombardozzi describes practical ways to customize learning experiences by creating a curated approach to skills development—one that features informal and social learning, developmental activities, experiential learning, as well as formal training.

Authored by a career learning professional with more than 30 years of experience, Learning Environments by Design is filled with useful examples, resources, and suggested learning environment blueprints to help you continue to be successful in a field that is forever changing.

In this book, you will learn to:

  • design a learning environment that supports learning and performance
  • deliver more focused and impactful solutions to learning needs
  • scaffold self-directed and social learning.
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ISBN: 9781562869977
Pages: 192
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111528
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Praise for This Book
Director, People Development, GoDaddy
With learning and development being key differentiators in the fight for customers and talent, learning professionals will find plenty of ammunition in Lombardozzi’s highly practical, research-informed, and thought-provoking guide to creating effective learning environments in the modern workplace.



Author, The E-Learning Handbook
If you’re in the learning field or want to be, you must know how to do more than drop content into screens. In this book, Lombardozzi describes the need for real learning environments, which help people and organizations support growth processes and exchange of knowledge. Content alone will never do this.
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