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Workplace learning professionals are often frustrated when senior executives and other top organizational leaders do not "get" the value of learning and training initiatives. Often, these same professionals are left wondering what measuring stick is most meaningful to their company's purse string holders. Based on interviews, surveys, research, and briefings with senior management and C-Level executives, Measuring For Success reveals what specific learning measurements are important to top level executives and what measures they often find disappointing. Learning and development professionals, including chief learning officers, training directors and other top learning professionals, will gain insight to help them build the best case for world-class training and development practice. Readers get straight answers from the top to help them develop strategies and measure what really matters to those at the top.

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ISBN: 9781562865887
Pages: 296
Publication Date:
Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 110915
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Finally, a field guide for training and development executives that exposes the fastest and easiest way for them to become a strategic member of the organization's growth engine, earning them a much-deserved seat at the C-level table.
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