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If you want to do more with mentoring, you’ve found the right book.

The notion that only the most experienced members of an organization can guide a few promising go-getters no longer applies in today’s business world. In Modern Mentoring, Randy Emelo advocates for a vastly different mentoring practice. Drawing from a rich career, he explains why organizations should consider all employees potential mentors, making everyone both advisors and learners.

Modern Mentoring offers a blueprint for success with a model that benefits more than the select few and steers clear of forcing connections between people. Emelo demonstrates that a culture in which people choose what they want to learn and whom they learn from, while increasing overall organizational intelligence, is completely within reach.

In this book you will learn:

  • what it takes to grow a modern mentoring culture
  • which tools to use as you facilitate organization-wide mentoring
  • how organizations like Monsanto and Humana benefit from modern mentoring. 
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ISBN: 9781562869335
Pages: 224
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Praise for This Book
Mentoring is essential for career development and Randy Emelo’s expertise is its future—a networked, virtual, and self-directed learning approach. Modern Mentoring is a terrific resource for creating a mentoring culture and fostering relationships that enable individuals and organizations to succeed.
Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer
Blending vision with practical tips that make Randy Emelo’s concepts relevant and actionable, Modern Mentoring is a must read for those who lead talent development strategies for their organizations.
It is no secret that organizations are spending money and time to find ways to improve employee performance, teamwork, and productivity. Modern Mentoring offers a simple and practical approach to how an organization can dismantle the traditional mentoring practice in order to achieve improved productivity.
Modern Mentoring is essential reading for anyone looking to mentor today. Randy’s emphasis on how technology supports, enhances, and extends mentoring is spot on. His emphasis on trust essential, and his many practical examples invaluable.
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