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The world is your stage. Own it.

Great speaking does not come easy. But even the wallflowers among us can’t avoid speaking forever. In Own Any Occasion, speaker and educator Erik Palmer taps into his vast experience to simplify the process of extraordinary speaking, whether you’re giving a wedding toast or preparing for a one-on-one sales call. His approach is equal parts preparation and delivery: Never speak unless you have something worth saying, and never let a poor performance diminish a good message.

In 11 steps, Palmer shows readers how to craft the perfect message and captivate audiences with exceptional delivery, no matter the circumstance. He demonstrates that the steps to impress when you meet your in-laws for the first time are the same ones that will help you succeed in front of an auditorium full of executives. Whether your audience is large or small, your message personal or professional, Palmer’s easy system will help you become the best speaker you can be in any situation.

Own Any Occasion is for anyone who wants to master the art of speaking well, from first-time presenters to seasoned pros looking for a new process. Give yourself the tools to impress every listener and develop a more confident you.

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ISBN: 9781562866853
Pages: 192
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111708
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Praise for This Book
Keynote Speaker and Author, The Fine Art of Small Talk
Own Any Occasion is the perfect antidote for the fear of public speaking. Anyone who gets nervous speaking in front of people will benefit from this book
President, Curriculum Designers Internationally Recognized Author and Curriculum Expert
Clear and compelling, Erik Palmer's Own Any Occasion is a confidence-building guide in the fundamentals of speaking. From cultivating the voice as a personal instrument to determining strategies for specific situations, this book is a comprehensive and accessible read for anyone interested in connected communications.
Author, Speak for a Living
When you become a better, stronger speaker, you boost your career success and even your income. I found this book to be a great field guide to developing real-world presentations, as well as a blueprint to owning any occasion—even when called upon to make an off-the-cuff impromptu speech.
Attorney at Law, Honolulu
Good speakers aren’t born that way, it is something they have learned. Erik Palmer’s Own Any Occasion will show you how.
President, RIK Productions
Erik Palmer’s book Own Any Occasion will help anyone present their ideas in a more interesting and memorable way. It’s packed with useful advice presented in a way that makes it easy to use. A great resource!
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