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When trainers use games, learners win big.

As a trainer interested in game design, you know that games are more effective than lectures. You've seen firsthand how immersive games hold learners' interest, helping them explore new skills and experience different points of view.

But how do you become the Milton Bradley of learning games? Play to Learn is here to help.

This book bridges the gap between instructional design and game design; it's written to grow your game literacy and strengthen crucial game design skills. Experts Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp share real examples of in-person and online games, and offer an online game for you to try as you read. They walk you through evaluating entertainment and learning games, so you can apply the best to your own designs.

Play to Learn will also show you how to:

  • Link game design to your business needs and learning objectives.
  • Test your prototype and refine your design.
  • Deploy your game to motivated and excited learners.

So don't just play around. Think big, design well, and use Play to Learn as your guide.

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ISBN: 9781562865771
Pages: 168
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Download the worksheet templates from the appendices.

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