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Good content is everywhere.

In our digital world we are content rich, but quality poor. Good content surrounds us, but it begs to be collected, transformed, and shared. And who better to distill and dismantle it for the benefit of learning communities than today’s learning and development professional?

Curation isn’t novel in itself, and there’s much to learn from the successes of others. News sites commonly curate stories adding their own analysis. Retailers and marketers crowdsource ideas from consumers. Businesses build curation strategies to leverage product reviews.

Ready, Set, Curate shows you how to elevate the most important content from an endless sea of learning information and offers strategies to better connect with your audience. Using case studies and relevant examples, eight curation experts share tips and best practices for creating a curation strategy and collecting content that is relevant to your learning communities.

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ISBN: 9781562869403
Pages: 120
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111514
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Praise for This Book
Partner, MakingBetter
Who curates matters, both from a perspective of quality and of process.’ Nothing could be more apt to describe this masterful work. Ben and Allison have put together an important resource to empower learning professionals to shift their practice from producers of content to curators of meaningful, valuable resources in support of their audience.
Co-Author, The New Social Learning
Fantastic! Curation is the next big thing. Ready, Set, Curate clears out the clutter to get you there fast!
Director, Internet Time Alliance & Duntroon Consultants
Ready, Set, Curate clearly sets the context for the shift from content creation to content curation. It provides strategies and practical solutions to help individuals and organizations make sense of the sea of information they swim in every day. After reading it there is no doubt you’ll be better equipped to navigate the content ocean.
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