Revolutionize Learning & Development

Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age
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Revolutionize Learning & Development examines the steps required to shift corporate learning onto a more meaningful trajectory. Taking a new approach means aligning more closely to how people really think, learn, and work. The shift to a focus on performance and innovation meets the challenges resulting from increasing change and a need for organizations to be more agile.

Written by the author of three books on organizational learning and performance, this book leverages technology advantages within the context of larger L&D objectives. It exposes the broken state of today's corporate training and outlines a path forward for broadening the scope of impact on organizational success through new technologies such as mLearning and social media.

Clark Quinn on Revolutionizing L&D

Clark's Take on Serious E-Learning

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Praise for This Book
President and CEO, ATD
'This is a spark, not the whole fire,' Clark Quinn states in the opening pages of this manifesto on the future of the L&D profession. I am grateful to Clark for his courage, insight, and willingness to write this important book and to challenge the profession to strive for the next level of impact it can achieve.
Founder and President, Global Learning Resources
Clark has written the book I have been waiting for. He succinctly explains why current practices fail to deliver results and outlines the path forward. Just what the 21st century CLO needs to know
Executive Advisor, and best-selling author of The New Social Learning
I love this book. Clark Quinn says what needs to be said to L&D leaders—and he says it with the perfect blend of respect, frustration, irreverence, and hope. It’s time!
Chairman, Learning and Performance Institute
This book raises fundamental questions for us all. Everyone involved in workplace learning who wants to play a part in the future—or even to have a job—should read it.
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Clark Quinn has succinctly and adeptly drawn together all the evidence to make an undeniable case for fundamental change within Learning & Development. After reading this book, you will be ready to join the revolution, and begin the process of shifting from a focus on learning to a focus on performance.


International Speaker and Principal, Jarche Consulting
Work is learning and learning is the work. Clark Quinn gives a clear path forward for today's L&D profession on the cusp of revolution or extinction.

Program Director, The eLearning Guild
In this book, Clark Quinn pulls no punches in addressing many of the factors that are handcuffing organizational learning, and provides tangible solutions learning professionals can implement to make things better.
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