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Rights, Permissions, and Licensing

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and adheres to copyright law. The following information will help guide you to an understanding of how ATD exercises the rights of its published content.

The standard compliance under U.S. copyright law is that any content published by ATD may not be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of ATD. The exception is in the case of brief quotations (no longer than 250 words) embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Requesting Permission to Use Individual ATD Publications

Request to Photocopy from any article, report, TD at Work (formerly Infoline), or pages of a book—contact Copyright Clearance Center to obtain permission. For TD magazine, you will need the exact title of the article, month and year of publication, and ISSN (1535-7440) of the publication; for books, TD at Work, and research reports, you will need the exact title, author, and ISBN.

Request Permission to Reprint in another publication—contact Copyright Clearance Center to obtain permission, you will need the exact title and author of the publication as well as the ISSN or ISBN of the publication as well as the title, publisher, circulation/distribution, and price of the new publication in which the reprint will appear. Permission is required for paid and free distribution requests.

Request for Electronic Access or web-based re-use (posting on secured, password-protected intranet sites, e-reserve, newsletters, or other e-publication)—contact Copyright Clearance Center. To obtain permission, you will need the exact title and author of the publication as well as the ISSN or ISBN of the publication.

Request for Use of ATD Content in Academic Course-Paks—contact University Readers.

Request for Students With Disabilities—contact [email protected].

Request to Translate—contact [email protected]. More information about translations below.

Request to License ATD Content (more than five pieces), ATD training materials, or customized digital content packages—contact [email protected]. More information about licensing below.

Request Bulk Reprints of individual TD magazine articles—contact [email protected].

ATD Licensing

ATD books and other publications are available for institutional licensing in digital/e-format. For this type of licensing, ATD offers a two-tier pricing structure. Licensing terms can be arranged for one-year, three-year, or perpetual terms.

Tier 1 is a basic "posting" license, which allows the licensee to post the material as a reference resource. This is similar to how a library houses digital content.

Tier 2 allows the licensee to post the material (as in Tier 1), as well as use the content as part of its training curriculum with delivery either in print or e-learning to staff, clients, or students of the institution. There is no access ceiling for the term of the agreement.

The limitation of either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 license is that the content must be posted behind a firewall or through an access-only portal and that the material cannot be "resold," which means a licensee cannot take the material and resell it as part of a program that will be hosted separately from the licensee's permitted access or distribution point.


An example of this would be if a college had purchased a Tier 2 license for a 10-volume custom ATD Book Package and was to sell its courses and allow the e-learning course to be hosted on the college's client's intranet or website—this is not allowed. An allowable use is if the college sells "seats" to the course through its own e-learning distribution channel, as long as the course is hosted by the college IT/web access point.

The following products are available for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Licensing. For more information and specific pricing, please contact [email protected].

  • The ATD Trainer's WorkShop Series (minimum quantity for license—5 titles)
  • The ATD Training Basics Series (minimum quantity for license—5 titles)
  • ATD Books Custom Package (minimum quantity for license—5 titles)
  • The Infoline Archive (all published issues 2000 through 2010—120 issues)
  • TD at Work (formerly Infoline) Single Issue Custom Package (minimum quantity for license—5 titles)
  • ATD Books/Infoline Custom Package (minimum quantity for license—5 books and 5 Infolines)
  • The ATD Learning System (Tier 1 Licensing only)

Other customized packages can be created by ATD on your behalf; pricing is based on availability of content and licensee requirements. Content package development fees may apply. Please contact [email protected].

ATD Translations

ATD publications (books, magazines, journals, research reports, Infoline, etc.) are available to non-U.S. publishers for translation, including the right to publish, sell, and distribute foreign-language editions of ATD publications. For more information about translation opportunities, please contact [email protected].

Translating books can take up to three years from the time a new agreement is negotiated with an international publisher. This webpage includes the names of the publishing companies that purchased translation rights for the listed title; ATD does not own or control translated titles. Additionally, ATD does not sell translated books, nor can ATD guarantee that these books will always be available.

See the full list of ATD titles for which translation rights have been sold to international publishers.

Not all of these books are currently available; they may be:

  • in the process of being translated and will be published at a future date
  • translated, published, and available for purchase through the indicated publisher
  • translated, but no longer available for purchase.

Please contact the publisher directly for more information on title availability in your local language.