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Sales professionals often complain that learning events do not pay off and take time away from the primary job of selling. If it can be sent in a memo, why go to training?

Sales Training Basics recognizes the bottom line focus of sales professionals and offers proven techniques and approaches that create engaging and impactful training. The book provides learning professionals with specific guidance on designing programs that provide the right tools and techniques that deliver on an audience focused on value. In addition, trainers and facilitators are offered guidance on accessing their most charismatic and engaging self to draw in and hold the attention of sales professionals. While the book is focused on participant expectations, it does not neglect today's organizational mandate to build training programs aligned to company strategic needs and vision. Finally, the author provides direction on alternate pathways to sales training through the use of technology and the power of blending both classroom and technology-bases approaches that give these sales professionals what they really want—more time in the field selling.

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ISBN: 9781562866761
Pages: 200
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 110918
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