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Subject matter experts are at the heart of many instructional design projects. Yet there seems to be a vacuum of best practices and approaches to working with SMEs. Since instructional designers and trainers thrive on getting their content correct, there is no realistic way to do this efficiently and productively without finding the best way to work with SMEs.

This book will show you how to define the different SMEs and their roles for you and your learning and development teams. Learn how to develop plans for SME selection, communication, evaluation, and problem solving to ensure that tasks move along smoothly. No matter your level of experience in training, this guide provides the basics of building a productive working relationship with SMEs.

You will learn how to:

  • Select SMEs based on measurable, customized criteria.
  • Define and communicate SME roles and responsibilities.
  • Manage SME committee structures and define roles and responsibilities.
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ISBN: 9781562868550
Pages: 160
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111301

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Praise for This Book
Professor and Vice Chair for Education, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Chuck Hodell strikes gold again! Recognizing the critically important role of subject matter experts (SMEs) in today’s increasingly complex training and instructional design field, Hodell provides a highly practical resource. The last chapter is a gem all by itself—a robust discussion of what to do, and not to do when working with SMEs. As promised by the title, this text provides a “no-nonsense approach” to partnering with SMEs. A must for the bookshelf of every instructional designer!
Author, Real World Training Design and Mentoring Programs That Work
SMEs From the Ground Up will change the way you think about incorporating experts into your training projects. The book is a practical guidebook for identifying, selecting, working with, evaluating, and above all getting the most from your SMEs. Chuck Hodell's approach to SMEs will have a big impact on your results.
Director, Corporate Training and Organization Development, Johns Hopkins Healthcare
SMEs play a critical role in instructional design projects, but managing this important relationship is not always easy. Dr. Hodell’s book offers a comprehensive and well-defined approach for building and maintaining a productive relationship with your SMEs. It provides insight into how to work with this important partner no matter your level of experience with the topic at hand.
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Chuck's books are always insightful, an easy read and also go-to references for me. I was amazed at the void around ISD work with SMEs. This book definitely fills that void - really driving home the value of SMEs and how to best work with them to create the best curriculum possible.
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