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Change Your Training Narrative

As a trainer, you try to facilitate connections for learners, knowing you must first make connections for yourself. One way to do that is to be a storyteller. But how do you tell stories? How do you find stories to tell? StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories That Connect explores how to find your stories and deliver them for learners, ultimately strengthening the storyteller you already are.

The challenge with storytelling, according to author Hadiya Nuriddin, is in finding a story to tell. This book focuses on that elusive part of storytelling—finding the stories lurking everywhere and telling them. Hadiya shows you how by pulling from other disciplines, especially literature and creative writing, to help you select, structure, shape, and tell stories that can facilitate connections between you, your learners, and the material. You’ll learn about the characteristics of stories that are most useful for facilitating learning, and understand what each looks like in practice. StoryTraining also includes helpful checklists as well as the author’s surefire tips, diagrams for story timelining, and favorite story models.

Given the push to make training more relevant, storytelling ability will continue to be in high demand. If you yearn to find your own stories—and to successfully engage with learners and others—this is the facilitation book you have been waiting for.

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Praise for This Book
CSP, CEO and President Story Theater International
To make your content come alive, you need to tell a story. Hadiya Nuriddin shows trainers how to integrate storytelling into a content heavy curriculum. If storytelling has you stumped, this book will un-stump you.
Chief Learning Architect, Applestar Productions
Hadiya Nuriddin's advice to 'Find the narratives that shape your life and use them as tools to teach others' is brilliant! StoryTraining is a workshop in a book: one to be read highlighter in hand to capture every practical, instantly applicable nugget. A must-read for any facilitator.
VP, Turpin Communication, Co-author, The Orderly Conversation and Effective SMEs
It’s refreshing to learn intentional storytelling from a facilitator’s point of view. In StoryTraining, Nuriddin puts words to the storytelling instincts I have used for years as a facilitator. This is one more must-have tool for your facilitation kit.
Publisher, the eLearning Coach website and podcast
StoryTraining fills an important gap for learning professionals: Nuriddin draws you in with her stories, showing how they can be transformational. Then she challenges you to dig deep and find your master storyteller within.
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I am new to ATD, but not with training. I am enlarging my tent. I train EHR software to health care providers. I want to learn elearning, however I do not know where to start. I tell stories when I am instructing. So I am looking forward to how you execute this learning strategy.
Hey Sandra,
I've found the following website to be super helpful to explore eLearning: https://elearningindustry.com/
Stories are amazing tools to wrap concepts in. eLearning is an excellent tool as well. As you read Hadiya's book, perhaps you could consider how you would use stories in the context of eLearning delivery. Both of these tools are effective only when employed with solid pedagogy (andragogy, if you prefer).
I hope I get the chance to read this book! It looks great :)
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Good morning Hadiya,
Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to discovering how to better embrace who we are in relation to others!
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