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Teachers Make Great Trainers

Schoolteachers are leaving their profession at a higher rate than ever before—and for myriad reasons. Passion for teaching is generally not one of them.

If you are a schoolteacher thinking about making a career change, knowing that your passion and purpose for education will transfer with you to your new career may be the assurance you need to make the shift. Knowing that you can be effective and create a spark for learning as well as still have the flexibility, compensation, and development you crave in a career could be the motivation to step into a new role. Teachers to Trainers: Apply Your Passion and Skills to a New Career introduces you to career opportunities in the growing industry of talent development, where all those aspirations are possible.

This first-ever volume offers you a view of a different education system: the world of talent development. In each chapter, former teachers recount the stories of how they made the career switch, describe their current roles, and share resources and tips for success. You will discover why these former teachers decided to seek a change and gain valuable insights into how they transitioned into talent development roles, including what they wished they had known when making the switch and the obstacles they overcame. You will also learn about the rewards they achieved in their transitions and, most importantly, see that their passion for teaching remains.

The book includes a full range of resources to guide you—skills assessments, worksheets, descriptions of certifications and certificate programs, and print and online reading recommendations. You’ll also find tips about:

• transferable skills

• job market research

• resume creation

• what you need to go forward.

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This past summer, we implemented a new student information system. This meant 14,000 teachers needed training on a new platform for their grade book and replacing a system they used for approximately 13 years. For this implementation to be successful, we knew "real" classroom teachers must deliver the training.
We brought the teacher trainers in, trained them on the new system, our training logistics, and expectations. The survey results from training were 99% satisfied.
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