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Embrace the Power of Executive Coaching

As businesses become more complex, they tend to lean on their high performers to fend off competitors, innovate, and pivot to unexplored markets. But who do these executives and leaders turn to when they need to refine their own skills?

Executive coaches.

In The Art of Executive Coaching, Dr. Nadine Greiner takes you behind the scenes with nine stories of executive coach Alice Well and her clients. Follow along as she lets you in on the secrets, tips, and tricks to unlocking the transformative performance results leaders need. With Alice’s help, these individuals learn to adapt their personal leadership styles, illuminate their blind spots, and adopt new ways of relating and managing to benefit their teams and organizations. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Dr. Greiner shares Alice’s bumps along the way, too. With this book, aspiring executive coaches will understand why coaching works so well—why certain techniques enable leaders in sales, tech, healthcare, and more to achieve dramatic results in a relatively short time.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to executive coaching. As these stories show, you must adapt your approach to meet the unique needs, traits, and habits of each leader. That’s part of what makes the business of executive coaching thrilling—and increasingly in demand. No executive is perfect; there’s always room for improvement. The skilled executive coach helps make this possible.

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Praise for This Book
Author, Million Dollar Consulting, Threescore and More
From the foreword: “With all my experience, I learned by reading [this book]. That’s because I know I need a great coach, too. With The Art of Executive Coaching, you now have one, as well."
CEO and Author of More Than 50 Books on Coaching and Consulting
A must-read for any coach or aspiring coach.
Co-Founder of Instagram
You will enjoy the book, and you will find yourself changed.
CEO, United Way of Santa Cruz
Coaching is a profession that suddenly finds itself in vogue. Don’t be fooled. Instead, learn from an expert who has been at the top of her game for 30 years, and who helped found the profession.
Director of Human Resources, Dignity Health
Having worked with Nadine Greiner for years, I am happy to see that she is contributing her vast knowledge to the field of coaching in a more formal fashion with The Art of Executive Coaching. I believe this book will change the lives of many.
Vice Chair, Sutter Health
This book will empower you. Almost like Dr. Greiner does in person—you don’t even realize she is coaching you until suddenly you are doing things in a better way!
CEO, Samuel Merritt University
Dr. Nadine is the most skilled, discreet, and effective coach we have ever worked with. I am thrilled that she has put her secrets to the page, and that other coaches can learn from her.
Senior Director of Human Resources, Apple
You are in for a treat! Dr. Nadine Greiner is an expert in her field, and she assisted us tremendously. Enjoy and learn.
Master Certified Coach, Author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs, and Past President of the International Coach Federation
What a great primer for anyone looking to excel at executive coaching. Dr. Greiner demonstrates successful approaches with real clients; I felt like I was sitting on her shoulder to learn. Sharing her insights, tips, and application of skills is a true gift to our profession.
Author of Seal the Deal and CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC
The Art of Executive Coaching: Secrets to Unlock Leadership Performance gives coaches and leaders alike a window into the world of executive coaching while providing practical tips for executive coaches who want to elevate their game. Dr. Nadine Greiner takes a fresh and innovative approach, sprinkling in levity and dialogue in stories about the inner workings of executives' lives, and divulges the secrets to her 30-year success with even the most difficult executives. As a master coach and the CEO of an executive coaching company for more than 25 years, I can confirm that while these tales bear fictional names to protect the innocent, they are very real stories that I see every day in the executives I coach. As a teacher of executive coaches and bestselling author, I value the model she has put forth in this book and know it will prove useful to all those who aspire to be great coaches! Nadine is the real deal!
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