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Learn everything you need to know to be a top sales manager!

Sales management has changed dramatically in the past decade. With increasing globalization and many companies adding more virtual workers, the task of managing these diverse sales teams has become increasingly complicated. In a connected and evolving world it is hard to offer a definitive guide, but this book strives to sketch out a blueprint for managing performance in a changing sales landscape. Each chapter is written by a sales professional and thought leader, many with experience as both a salesperson and as a sales manager. Learn from their experience and utilize the action plans at the end of each chapter to grow into a better leader for your team, whether they are down the hall or across the world.

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ISBN: 9781562868970
Pages: 208
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111321
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Praise for This Book
Nationwide Insurance
Wow, I've been coaching sales teams for nine years and can't tell you how much value there is in this one book. If only I had this book when I began coaching sales teams. Renie nailed every challenge and opportunity in regard to leading and educating sales managers. I particularly enjoyed the perspectives of the varied sales professionals and found many nuggets I'll begin to incorporate into coaching others. I can't wait for The Art of Modern Sales Management to hit the shelves as I'll be recommending it to all our sales leaders and educators at Nationwide.
VP of Sales, Estes Express
Renie has done a great job of selecting thought leaders that speak to the challenges of selling in our new, connected world. I absolutely love the framework of the book and found myself skipping from one chapter to another based on what I thought was most relevant to the problems I am most interested in solving today. This book is a must for anyone that understands that front-sales management is tomorrow's competitive advantage.
Director, Business Development Global Accounts Operations, Xerox Corporation
Renie is on top of her game again and brings the A Team to the world of modern sales management. With the explosion of social media and the immediacy of shared experience for buyers and sellers, The Art of Modern Sales Management is a practical guide to navigating these changing realities, and the action plans offered provide tools to ensure the best opportunity for success. If you have a leadership role within the sales organization, you need this book as a guide and resource.
Chief Learning Officer, Hilton Worldwide
The Art of Modern Sales Management is a must read for any global sales leader. It’s practical, relevant, and grounded in the experience of seasoned sales professionals who make a significant difference in the organizations that they serve. This book includes many useful tips and actionable ideas that any sales leader can use.
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