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Change is hard, but learning more about it doesn't have to be boring. The Change Book: Change the Way You Think About Change helps you get smart on change management without the pain. It addresses framing your change, leadership, resistance, culture, communication and more. Flip it open to any page and you'll find powerful, concise, and easy advice from battle-tested practitioners.

Why aren't your communication efforts working?

The book addresses common pitfalls, like waiting too long, delivering "bad" news and hitting people with the wrong kinds of information.

How many people should you involve in your new effort?

There's advice on engaging the masses and there are real stories of organizations who harnessed the power of their people.

What should you do about those who resist?

Do you have to turn all of them into supporters? Read about finding the people in your "sweet spot" and focusing on them.

How will you keep people excited and engaged?

The book offers tips for getting buy-in and maintaining momentum.

Each short chapter holds a nugget of wisdom on subjects like these. A great resource for seasoned change management professionals or the newly initiated, The Change Book provides tips, tools and bits of wisdom from those who have been there, helping to transform some of the most widely recognized organizations in the country.

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ISBN: 9781562867485
Pages: 224
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111107
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Praise for This Book
CEO, California Host
A guidebook to anticipating and adapting to today’s constantly changing business environment. Quick for busy people with limited time for reading.
President & CEO Clean Power Finance
The Change Book seeded many good ideas that have guided my thinking on how to implement strategic change, and helped me avoid some classic mistakes and costly rework.
CEO Coach/Mentor Vistage International
Tricia Emerson provides my CEOs with the definitive playbook for effectively implementing change initiatives throughout their organizations. This book is required reading for any leadership team interested in successfully implementing and sustaining long-term change in their company.
Partner, Groove 11
The Change Book takes the daunting subject of change management and makes it accessible, understandable, and even fun.
Regional Vice President—California, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts General Manager, Fairmont San Francisco
The Change Book has been invaluable in helping us influence change within our leadership group and I would highly recommend it to all those who wish to progressively implement and successfully lead into the future.
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