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Position your consultancy for longevity and growth.

"How do I position a talent development business for lasting success?" is a question Stephen L. Cohen fields regularly. In his practice, he hears it posed countless times in countless ways by independent consultants, corporate executives, and training suppliers alike.

Cohen fills The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm with answers. And it is why he has organized this guidebook by key milestones for establishing a successful consultancy—one specifically focused on content, delivery, and instruction.

Whether you want to start your own firm or take the next steps to grow, Cohen has been in your shoes. In his 40-year career in talent development, a deep understanding of industry best practices—and their nuances—has guided his many efforts to found, expand, merge, and even sell thriving talent development firms.

Delve into timeless lessons for getting your talent development firm off the ground and start moving your business forward. You'll find sage advice on overcoming barriers to success and tips for handling potential industry disruptions.

Learn to:

  • Execute your business vision and carry it out efficiently and effectively.
  • Win over customers and build repeat business.
  • Pave your way to growth in new and existing markets.

Build a consultancy that survives and thrives the tests of time.

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ISBN: 9781562867737
Pages: 256
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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