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Select, Implement, and Operate the Perfect LMS

If you need to manage training and education programs for employees, customers, or students, you need an LMS. Don’t waste time and money picking the wrong one.

The LMS Guidebook gets to the core of what an LMS does and how it works. This book tackles the urgent challenges you will face when putting an LMS in place: Which features are must-haves? What standards should your LMS comply with to mesh with your other technology systems? How do you migrate existing learning data into your new LMS? How can you ensure an uneventful rollout?

Not all LMS products will meet your needs. E-learning consultant Steve Foreman offers a broad view of the LMS categories and features so you can ask better questions of vendors and evaluate their products. He then turns to implementation and operation, offering in-depth guidance on how to establish appropriate standards, processes, and governance that will have your LMS running smoothly.

Whether you’re on the instructional or technical side of the LMS, you can make the job of selecting and managing one less painful by following the proven practices in this book.

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ISBN: 9781607283096
Pages: 248
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111715
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Praise for This Book
Senior Manager, IT Functional Excellence at Eaton
Steve’s extensive knowledge and experience with learning and technology offer valuable perspective. He brings a pragmatic and disciplined approach to what can be an overwhelming undertaking.
Instructional Systems Analyst CSS, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
Finally, an engaging single-source handbook that addresses in plain terms real concerns surrounding learning management systems.
Author, Choosing an LMS Senior Learning Technologist at Eduworks Corporation
Steve's book is a clear and concise resource for those navigating the complex terrain of LMSs, where seemingly small decisions can have huge impacts. I highly recommend it.
Overlap Innovation Partner
The LMS Guidebook presents solutions to a crucial problem that learning and development professionals have: improving the learner experience.  This book should be essential reading for all CLOs.
Co-Director, Early Childhood Professional Development System Early Learning and School Readiness, Colorado Department of Education
I greatly appreciate the book Steve Foreman has written; he takes an extremely complex set of tasks and breaks them down into clear and concise steps that can be understood and used by novices and those who have been working in learning management for a number of years. I would highly recommend this guidebook to anyone thinking about selecting, implementing, or enhancing a learning management system.
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any customers of Docebo or Schoox?
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Any suggestions with what credit union's are using? Also, would like to have ability to have Compliance Training in small "bite size" pieces too. Ideally, quizzing to ascertain knowledge from content built in.
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