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Everyone knows engaged employees are happier and improve the workforce. But engaged employees improve their managers' lives, too! Employee engagement has gotten the rap of being something "nice" to do, not something that can produce results. You need to reverse that perception in your organization by becoming an engaged leader yourself.

  • Align your management style with ways to improve your workforce.
  • Assess how you lead and what that says about engagement levels.
  • Learn what’s in it for you after you successfully engage your employees.
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ISBN: 9781562868604
Pages: 128
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 111305

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Praise for This Book
As a CPA, I am generally focused on the financial side rather than the people side of the business, but I have learned a great deal about working with others from Garber's latest book on employee engagement. This book truly is a toolbox filled with valuable tips on how to make the workplace not only more satisfying for everyone but also more productive. This book has helped me better understand that helping people work more effectively as a team increases their level of engagement—and interest—in their work. And, finding ways to help keep employees stay more engaged in the "game" of work can even make work more fun!
Engineering Student
As an engineering student, I appreciate the insights that The Manager’s Employee Engagement Toolbox has provided me in learning how I can develop into a more effective leader in the future. I believe this book is a valuable teaching tool on how to create a workplace atmosphere in which every employee feels important and respected. It helped me understand how building effective working relationships and improving communication can lead to business success. The concepts presented in this book will be some of the most valuable lessons I will learn as I prepare for my future career.
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